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Running for President in 2024 to work with you to:

*reclaim our constitutional and inalienable rights that Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court effectively canceled with judicial and qualified immunity that permits government officials to violate any of our rights without effective accountability, and with the Judicial Act of 1925 that violates our absolute right to sue a state in federal court for violating our constitutional rights.

*stop the theft and fraudulent redistribution of all national wealth upwards into a few hands and outside of our country leaving the American Majority in poverty or near poverty.

*break the chains enslaving us to overpriced and toxic fossil fuels that have cost us trillions of dollars in fossil fuel induced climate disasters now occurring daily, and costing millions of human lives and hundreds of millions of homeless people, all for the investment profits of a minority of people.

*to make America great again in reality, for all Americans, and not just a

con-man's slogan on a red hat designed to deceive and steal from the poor to make the rich even richer.


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