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Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Whom should we vote for in 2020?

Why YOU, why ME?

There are many respectable candidates running for president in 2020 who believe they understand all that compromises the well being of the American 100%, and, who believe they understand what’s necessary to remedy that compromise and improve the well being of America’s 100%.

Let’s look at the options.

Bernie Sanders has as much street credibility for representing America’s 100% as any candidate. I believe he is sincere and I support most of what he stands for..

He apparently judged that it is easiest for most Americans to understand and embrace universal public healthcare by calling it ‘Medicare for All.’

Medicare is far from adequate universal public healthcare, however.

One has to be dependent upon social security and be faced with having to pay for medicare supplemental insurance, and, have to pay the 20% of those costs that medicare and medicare supplement policies don’t pay for, and, have to pay for all that isn’t paid for in Medicare’s ‘donut hole,’ and, have to pay for all the ‘outrageously priced’ prescription medicines which most senior citizens, and many younger citizens, require a lot of, and are not paid for by Medicare or Medicare Supplemental insurance to know how little is left of a social security check for food and shelter after paying for healthcare.

That’s why an unacceptable number of people go without adequate food or medicine and end up in the hospital, costing Medicare more money than necessary in the end.

Universal Public Healthcare must cover 100% of medical expenses, including prescriptions and preventive healthcare.

The predatory class on the Right say that we, individual citizens, must have skin in the game to prevent individual abuses of the medical system.

I contend that since it’s our money paying for all healthcare, that all the skin in the game is ours.

I contend that a physician and clinic level review of individual repeated medical complaints is all that’s necessary to prevent a hypochondriacal abuse or overuse of our medical system.

I contend that those things required to sustain life should never be dependent upon whether adequately receiving them, or not, produces enough profit to satisfy third parties.

I contend that, as Americans, we have the right to demand that our government employees provide us with the best healthcare possible, at the lowest cost possible, and, doing so without paying the taxes of corporate profits.

So far, I haven’t heard Bernie, or other candidates, say that a new, improved ‘Medicare For All’ must pay for 100% of an individual’s medical care, especially preventive medical care which reduces the ultimate cost of caring for every citizen by treating small health problems before they become bigger and more expensive health problems.

I also haven’t heard them respond to challenges about healthcare being everyone’s human right by stating that, here in America, WE have the right to pay our government employees to organize the best and most cost efficient healthcare possible, without being further taxed to make investors in healthcare corporations richer. Predicating the quality of our healthcare on how much profit it makes for a corporation is not a recipe for good health. When a patient has to wait in a doctor’s office for an hour after their scheduled appointment time, habitually, corporate run healthcare is far from efficient. It may milk the Public of maximum profit, but it doesn’t best serve the Public. The Public’s time is just as important as a physician’s time.

Bernie, and some candidates, say that college education should be free.

I want to hear a candidate say that there is no such thing as “free stuff,” as Corporate Republicans phrase it, and that, WE, Americans have always paid dearly, way too dearly, for everything that our government employees do for us.

In fact, I want to hear a candidate say that WE, Americans, have been paying for much more service than we have been receiving from our employees for a very long time.

I want to hear a candidate say that an undereducated America is a national security threat that puts America at a great disadvantage to our greatest global competitors today, and is, therefore, a national emergency.

I want to hear a candidate say that every H-1B visa granted to a foreign worker is evidence of the war that corporate Republicans have been waging on public education.

I want to hear a candidate say that every H-1B visa granted to a foreign worker lessens the demand for Americans to perform that same work, and, thereby, undermines our education system American employment.

There is no reason why industry can’t convey their future employment needs to our government, and, why our government can’t issue a call to schools for more students trained in those needs, thus incentivizing specific training.

Not to do so undermines our education system and American employment.

I want to hear a candidate say that every cent we spend to educate America is an investment in U.S. national security and the future prosperity of all Americans.

I want to hear a candidate say that it is the right of, WE, Americans to pay our government employees to provide the best education possible for the least cost possible, to as many people as possible without being further taxed to make investors in education corporations richer.

Staking an adequately educated America to compete with those countries racing ahead of us in so many critical areas, on whether it produces enough profit to satisfy a few investors does not ensure an adequately educated America, or secure a prosperous future for all Americans.

Bernie, and others, speak to the global warming crisis and the emergency need to address it, without a lot of specifics.

I want to hear a candidate say that they will declare clean, renewable energy as a national emergency and will establish a separate department to develop that energy supply in ways, and to an extent, that the private sector hasn’t done and isn’t doing.

I want to hear a candidate say that the health and lives of Americans is more important than stock dividends and profits for fossil fuel industry investors.

I want to hear a candidate say that all industries which continue to rely upon fossil fuel energy should pay a special polluter’s tax to help pay the cost to the public for the healthcare of all those adversely affected by fossil fuel burning, and, to help pay for the repairs of damage caused by global warming induced natural disasters.

I want to hear a candidate say that they will initiate a massive reforestation of the United States to recapture and sequester more atmospheric carbon underground than any other means can.

I want to hear a candidate say that U.S. foreign policies will favor those nations which not only respect human rights, but, are also taking comparable actions to the U.S. to reverse global warming and recapture atmospheric carbon.

Bernie, like some candidates, say they’ll pay for ‘Medicare For All’ and ‘Universal College Education’ by making the corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes, which they’ve been dodging for decades. That is a good beginning, but, is deceptively simple. Because, it requires a self-defeating slow process of trying to catch up while fossil fuel devoted Republicans sabotage our efforts as much as possible, even if it does kill them. An old ‘Lucky Strike‘ commercial used to state, “I’d rather fight than switch!” Fossil fuel devoted corporate Republicans have evidenced that they would rather die than switch, leaving it up to those who don’t want to kill ourselves, by negligence to fossil fuel induced death, to save us all.

As I’ve blogged at, in ‘American’s Return On Investment Tax,’ I contend that the 99% has invested trillions of dollars in corporate subsidies, tax incentives, rebates, tax deductions for expansion, research, and development, along with thousands of human military lives sacrificed on foreign soil to secure corporate profits from corporate activities forced upon foreign countries, and the cost of military actions of that force.

I contend that the 99% has been creating, supporting, and protecting the super rich for decades without receiving a proportionate share in the benefits of doing so.

I contend that the super rich continue to tax the U.S. systems and infrastructure more than any single individual of the 99%, without paying a proportionate share to do so.

So, I contend, that in this moment of national crisis and emergencies, that WE levy an “Americans Return On Investment Tax” on the corporations and super rich to compensate the 99% for our efforts and investments in creating and sustaining their prosperity.

Further, I contend to not do so will inevitably lead to social upheaval and bloody revolution resulting in such retaliation scenarios as I write about in my novel series, ‘Held Accountable,’ and, as we’ve already experienced the beginnings of repeatedly occurring in the U.S.

All of this is the minimum of what I must hear from a 2020 presidential candidate in order to support them.

It’s all supposed to be about YOU, and your well being. ME is about what I think it requires to improve and secure your well being.

I suggest voting for YOU, and that requires voting for ME in 2020.

Make Sure You Vote For You

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