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O.K., yes, I booked to go at the last minute. But, I did so after viewing the Ohio Dems' Webpage, and through the official ticket purchase page.

Why? I wanted an up close view and opportunity to ask a few questions of the candidates scheduled to appear and speak there.

Since the webpage to purchase the 'meet the candidates' reception and dinner tickets stated it began at 6:30, I arrived at 6:30.

When it was announced that the evening activities had concluded, I asked those around me where the 'meet the candidates' reception was taking place. "That was at 5:00 p.m., before the dinner!," one exclaimed!

Well, I've not been able to get an answer as to why the webpage states that the evening begins at 6:30 when the 'Reception' was scheduled to occur at 5:00 p.m.

However, without doubt, the combined intelligence quotient of the five candidates who appeared and spoke at the Ohio Dems State Dinner is greater that the combined I.Q. of the entire Corporate Republican Congress, albeit, three of the candidates dominate the curve. We won't compare Trump because he doesn't register on the positive side of the I.Q. scale, and Klobuchar can run rings around him.

Tim Ryan seems as sincere as any, but I was confused whether he was running for another office in Ohio or a national office.

Buttigieg's intellect is nearly matched by his sense of humor and unflappability, and he hits on most of the today's social concerns.

Yang is a real 'rah, rah' and connect with the crowd man as well as a self-identified 'numbers man.' He understands that it takes a productive economy to sustain a society, and that the U.S. economy is undergoing its greatest transformation yet. He appears more ready than most to handle the new economy correctly, but a strong economy doesn't necessarily solve every other problem, and, a strong economy for Wall Street has never commensurately translated into a strong economy for the American Majority.

Steyer is as serious as a heart attack with unassailable integrity and is acutely attuned to all of the political issues and hot buttons du jour. He has already done more with his own private time, effort, and money to address our mutual problems than anyone else in America, and he announced that he will declare 'global warming' as a national emergency on day one of office if elected as president.

His past efforts and organization to combat what he calls, "A hostile takeover of our government by corporations,"evidences that he understands that unregulated corporations are the central cause of the worst of the problems confronting the United States and Democracy, and has made battling that Coup d'etat a personal crusade.

My concern with Steyer, which I have already conveyed to his 'team,' is that despite how accurate and serious his message is, I fear it doesn't emotively resonate with the critical mass of less intellectual and more emotionally reactive swing voters sufficiently to swing their vote his way. It's not that he appears completely dry and without feeling when he speaks. Instead, I suspect his natural sense of dignity and respect for social norms and order; which is absent in the White House currently, masks the depth of his feeling that is consistent with the death and destruction being caused by the corporations' "hostile takeover of America." He may, of course, be able to overcome that if enough surrogates reiterate his message in more visceral and rousing terms. It pays to remember that as many people are ruled by emotions as are moved by reason.

Have We Moved Beyond Bern?

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