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MY CAMPAIGN - The Dark Horse On The Back Burner

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

While all of the other candidates for President 2020 have slowly revealed themselves and gradually adjusted their platforms to meet what they believe voters will accept, and to keep up with each other, I’ve evaluated them and their positions.

As I see it, they all lack sufficient circumspection, blatant honesty, and originalism to fully understand, acknowledge, and solve the core problems facing America today.

If they don’t fully understand the problems, they can’t adequately solve the problems.

If they won’t fully admit the problems, they won’t gain the support of the American Majority to elect them or a Congress that’s necessary to solve the problems.

Since the solutions already tried to solve America’s problems have not worked, new and original ideas are required to solve those problems.

Let’s look at the front runners, for instance.

Mainstream media says that the political middle is most comfortable with Jo Biden. Yet, increasing numbers of Americans believe Jo Biden is a Democrat in name only, and that he is actually Republican Lite.

It is a false perception that Biden is a moderate Democrat, many say, because in practice he votes like a traditional moderate Republican.

Biden is a reflection of how far the traditional Democratic Establishment has permitted the Corporate Republican Establishment to push the legislative agenda and the national conversation to the extreme right.

As the 20th century historical political center was driven increasingly to the right during the past fifty years, the mainstream Corporate Republican platform became the apparent political center.

When the under regulated corporations wrecked the international economy, devastated the U.S. housing market, and robbed millions of Americans of their homes, their 401K values, and the American Dream, Biden encouraged Obama to turn the keys of our economy and financial system over to the very corporate mercenaries and predators who had stolen prosperity from Americans and devastated our economy.

Biden didn’t propose one single pro-consumer economic or financial advisor to Obama to advocate for Americans while they contrived for American taxpayers to bail out the corporations and Wall Street.

Now, Biden is still advocating that the traditional failed healthcare industry should be allowed to continue charging the highest healthcare prices in the modernized world for the lowest quality healthcare in the modernized world.

Biden wants to protect the for profit healthcare industry even though it’s the least efficient healthcare system in the Western world.

Biden wants to protect the health insurance industry by depriving Americans of the right to provide basic healthcare for themselves at the lowest cost possible.

His justification for doing so is that legislating the robbing of average Americans to make corporate investors richer is the American Way, and that we must preserve American traditions, and, a few super rich lording it over hundreds of millions of the poor is the American Way.

Biden doesn’t want cost efficient universal basic healthcare, while still allowing those who want to purchase upscale healthcare and health insurance to do so, because universal healthcare would reduce, though not eliminate, the profits that the healthcare and health insurance industries now rake in.

Further, Biden isn’t a stand up guy in a pinch and has evidenced that he will sacrifice principle for political expedience.

Whether it was throwing Anita Hill under the bus to facilitate putting a serial sexual predator on the Supreme Court for political convenience, or, doing absolutely nothing to protest or contest the corrupted 2016 election and its illegitimate results, Biden has shown himself to be a “go along to get along” inconsequential politician.

In short, and at best, Jo Biden is the same old / same old. The same old / same old is exactly what led us into the state of disaster that we’re now in, however.

With the entire world on the verge of global scale rapid human death and destruction of civilization as we've known it, we simply can’t afford another year of the same old / same old.

The bottom line is, Biden is a Republican dressed up like a moderate Democrat with his head buried in the sands of yesterday, prepared only to lead us off the edge of a cliff.

Biden has no clue of the how great and disastrous the perils facing us are, no clue of the extent to which those perils are hammering us right now, and no clue of how soon those perils could cause the total collapse of civilization and life globally.

Biden is a victim of the naive memory of what he thought yesterday was, but really wasn't.

Elizabeth Warren is among the pack leaders and has demonstrated that she is intelligent, tough, and tenacious enough to be as good of a president as the last couple of presidents have been.

The last couple of presidents have not solved the most critical problems facing America, however.

Yet, Elizabeth Warren is the only one that told the dangerously huge financial corporations that they should be broken up because of their habitual predatory crimes and practices.

What she didn’t tell these worst of offenders, like Wells Fargo, is that they should not merely be broken up, but that they should be permanently dissolved and prevented from ever harming people again, as they repeatedly have.

What she hasn’t told Americans is that these huge corporations are the greatest threat to the security of the United States that there is.

She hasn’t told Americans that the collective efforts of huge corporations make up a Corporate Deep State that is at war with Americans, the U.S. Constitution, and Democracy.

She hasn’t told Americans that these corporations are murdering thousands of U.S. citizens each year as they grab for every last penny in every citizens pocket at the cost of anything and all else.

What she hasn’t told Americans is that these corporations have invaded and seized control of our government, and, that only by recognizing and acknowledging that invasion for what it is, and their threat to out national security for what it is, and the thousands of Americans they murder each year for what it is, can Americans adequately develop an appropriate defense to this invasion.

Elizabeth Warren may be more capable and well prepared to solve the unprecedented problems facing America than other front runners. But, is more prepared, prepared enough?

Bernie Sanders is also among the front runners. Bernie is a hardened, tell it like is -like it or not-, tried and true warrior in defense of average Americans.

Bernie is the only candidate that has called out Wall Street for basing its business model upon fraud, even though mainstream media won’t rock the corporate boat they’re in by getting involved in that discussion.

Bernie recommends Medicare for all, even though Medicare is far from comprehensive healthcare coverage and leaves many Americans still not able to afford big hospital bills and prescription medicine.

Proponents cite, ‘Medicare for All,’ instead of ‘Public Healthcare,’ because Americans are familiar with Medicare and have warm and fuzzy feelings about it.

Bernie wants to eliminate the private healthcare and health insurance industry.

It’s true that those industries have extorted trillions of dollars from employers, workers, and patients without giving good healthcare value in return.

However, neither ‘Medicare for All’ or ‘Public Healthcare’ necessitate eliminating private healthcare or private health insurance.

The better option, ‘Public Healthcare;’ would cover 100% of the cost for necessary and preventive medical care to all citizens, which Medicare currently does not do.

‘Public Healthcare’s’ implementation and success does not prevent any citizen who wants more upscale medical care and insurance from obtaining it.

The wealthier will always want a better version of what the average have, and, permitting them to obtain it does not prevent the average person from obtaining complete basic healthcare.

Kudos to Bernie for recognizing that our future national security is dependent upon a highly educated work force that is required to power the ever-new technology driven economy, and, is advocating for universal public higher education to create the adequately educated work force necessary for the America to compete in the new economy.

Bernie, like Elizabeth Warren, has also raised the issue of existing school debt forgiveness to alleviate the crippling debt of those who already strove to meet the exorbitant high cost of average college education, even though the higher paying job market had been largely exported, leaving fewer high paying jobs to enable student debtors to easily pay off those loans.

The Devil is in the details which vary substantially between Bernie’s and Elizabeth’s proposals over what is reasonable and fair to all, and it will take a Congress in agreement to iron out those details.

What Bernie hasn’t called out is the fact that the Corporate Deep State engineered the export of the job market for the higher educated, and engineered the prohibitive cost of higher education as part of its effort to ‘dumb down’ the American electorate.

For the Corporate Deep State to easily manipulate, control, and steal from average Americans, it must dumb us down to the point that we don’t recognize reality for what it is, or, don’t understand the issues that affect our daily lives sufficiently for us to want to vote. Or, if we’re determined to vote anyway, we won’t vote in any way that hinders their theft and fraud of our money and their complete control over us.

Therefore, they must so deprive us of factual information that we can be easily misled with corporate propaganda into voting exactly as they want us to vote, if we do vote.

They do this in two ways. One way is by destroying or degrading education to the point that it does not provide adequate information or training to reason for ourselves.

The other way is by destroying public broadcasting, and then, by owning mainstream media, they control and restrict the flow of information to only that which serves their profit making purposes.

Engineering the cost of higher education to be exorbitantly high also deters voters from becoming educated and informed. But, if one insists on higher education, then the corporate forces want to make extortionately high profits through high cost private education and interest bearing student loans.

Bernie, like Elizabeth Warren, recognizes the need to raise revenue to pay for the decay of the United States and society that past corporate governed Congresses have caused. All of their proposals for raising revenue are based upon requiring corporations, and those who got rich through them, to carry their own weight and pay their fair share in proportion to what they have taken from society. What they fail to clarify, and thereby justify, is why America deserves and is entitled to now collect that which is due them, from those who have taken the most from society. The fact is, that all of America has invested in these corporations and subsidized their wealth accrual with money, protection, human health, human lives and more. That is why any tax proposal on above average wealth should be called ‘America’s Return On Investment Tax’.

Each of the other candidates have a good idea or two which deserve to be listened to because some of those ideas are not being talked about by the leading candidates.

None of the other candidates, however, have revealed a blatantly honest and whole view of America that has been turned upside down and inside out, putting the monstrous and murderous corporations in control of this Country and the American People, all to grow profits for the corporations, instead of the American People and this Country being in charge of the corporations for the benefit our Country and all Americans.

Either they do recognize the corporate war being waged against America, and the civil war between Americans which the corporations have caused, or, they are not being honest with the American People about the fact that they exist and are causing many deaths each year.

The fact is, America is at war between those who have been taking from others by force or fraud and who seek to control all others, and those who nearly all have been taken from and who do refuse to be controlled by anything other than the U.S. Constitution.

The fact is, America is in a civil war; engineered by the corporations to divide and conquer America, that a mere call for a ‘return to civility’ will not resolve.

Only a victory of the Rule of Law and equal enforcement of that law, over the perversion of that law for individual gain will resolve this civil war.

None of the other candidates have told the American People how the corporations led our Government into sacrificing thousands of human lives, soldier’s lives, both on oil bearing sands in the Middle East and at home, merely for greater oil industry profits.

They have not been honest with the American People that we may be forced to take up arms to defend ourselves from these corporations, because our Government is so corrupted with corporate mercenary politicians that we may not be able to rely upon our Government to save us all from fossil fuel burning induced climate apocalypse.

They have not told Americans that corporate money is the single greatest threat to the security and welfare of the United States.

They have not told Americans that corporate money paid for global climate devastation that is the second greatest threat to the security and welfare of the United States.

They have not been honest with the American People that the corporations have converted the Republican political establishment from a conservative party into the least conservative party, and purely into a congressional advocacy group to produce corporate profits and grow corporate control of our government at the cost of human lives.

The other candidates have not been been frank with Americans that the corporations have populated our Supreme Court with corporate judicial mercenaries who have perverted our laws to deprive Americans of our Constitutional rights and protections, while legislating God like corporate supremacy over this nation from the bench with rulings like Citizens United and money equals speech.

They have not told Americans that the Supreme Court, along with the Corporate Republican Congress, is waging political and judicial war against the United States, the American People, the Constitution, American Democratic principles, and the rule of law.

If the American People are not made aware of the extent to which we have been invaded by the corporations, and the extent to which our Government institutions have been taken over by the Corporate Deep State, and that this corporate takeover of our government is the greatest national security threat this nation has ever experienced, we can not adequately defend ourselves from it.

If we don’t know who the real enemy is, we don’t stand a fighting chance.

Photo by M. B. M. on Unsplash

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