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To all Americans who believe in the rule of law and its equal enforcement, and that the security of our nation is wholly dependent upon the equal enforcement of that rule of law, Donald Trump is not the President of the United States, and never was, but he is the second greatest threat to our national security.

Those who believe in a strict interpretation of the Constitution and subsequent laws that conform to it, do not believe that a corrupted political process can produce legitimate results.

Since the 2016 election was indisputably corrupted by a foreign adversary at Donald Trump’s very public request, for his exclusive political benefit, that corrupted election did not produce a legitimate result, and Trump, therefore, is not a legitimate or lawful president.

Consequently, someone who isn’t a legitimate president can’t technically be impeached from the presidency.

Yet, the same Congress which sat placidly by while presidential election after presidential election were comparably corrupted without fighting on behalf of Americans, Democracy, and Justice in the electoral processes, has again sat placidly by while a presidential imposter occupies our White House and Oval Office without forcing the issue into the Supreme Court; though be it, the current Supreme Court majority is hand selected, bought, and paid for by the Corporate Deep State and would surely protect the Corporate Deep State’s current poster boy, Trump.

It is because Trump is the personification of the evil of greed and consuming self-interest that characterizes modern corporations, and, because Trump turned the controls of our nation and economy over to an evil army of corporate mercenaries which make up the administration surrounding him, that Trump is the national security threat second to the corporations, only.

Still, to those who insist that Donald Trump openly implored a foreign adversary to corrupt the U.S. 2016 elections, thereby conspiring with a foreign adversary, Trump is not a president, but he did commit treason then, and has continued to do so since.

It is because Trump declares that he “could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and (he) wouldn’t lose any voters” that emboldens him to break any U.S. law and commit any offense that serves his purpose without accountability and repercussions.

It is also because Trump is facing the possibility of going to prison for crimes he can be prosecuted for after leaving office that he is desperate and will do anything and everything to stay in office now, and for another four years, even if it’s treasonous.

Trump is like a cornered rat, that when cornered will bare its teeth, viciously lunging and biting at anything before it or blocking its escape.

However, since much of this country has gone along with the charade of a fake and illegitimate president in belief that he would have been removed from our office by other legal means long before now, they are now reconciled to go along with the counterpart charade of an impeachment investigation of someone who isn’t even a president.

To every American who understands that the safe future of democracy and our nation is dependent upon the rule of law and equal enforcement of that law, and, that Trump’s entire intrusion into politics and the presidency has been an effort to undermine and pervert the rule of law, at the expense of our national security and world standing, impeachment proceedings against him are three years overdue.

For those who accepted Trump as president, the impeachment investigation is just as essential for our national security.

For those who haven’t accepted Trump as president, an impeachment investigation is second best to charges of treason, which is second best to an impeachment of the 2016 election itself.

As destructive as the Trump catastrophe is to the best of all that America is, or was, this disaster has produced one tremendous unintended benefit.

The American People, our Constitution, and Democracy are in an all out deadly and financial war with the Corporate Deep State for every penny of wealth that our nation can produce.

They are murdering thousands of Americans every year with deadly corporate practices as they tell us lie after lie with bleached teeth, wide smiles, waving U.S. flags, holding up Bibles, and falsely praising motherhood while murdering thousands of unborn annually with their toxic practices and waste products.

Trump, while telling any lie necessary to grab another dollar from anywhere to satisfy his insatiable greed, and to satisfy his consuming, vainglorious egotism at any cost to others whatsoever, has put a face to the Corporate Deep State and has shown Americans the very heart, soul, and true evil essence of the enemy that we are at war with.

Thank you to the Corporate Deep State and its Corporate Army in Congress for protecting the false serpent from Hell who entered our national political Garden of Eden long enough for all to see the Evil Demons that Trump and the corporations which support him, are.

The Agent Of Death Behind The Lies And Smiles

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