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Deplorables, Trumptards, & Reptiletards, are you one of these?

Are you one who merely took a chance by voting for Trump in 2016, or are you a mental defect?

As Trump’s unfitness to serve in any public office becomes increasingly clear, even to those who voted for him, and the nightmarish possibility that he may survive to run for office again in 2020, it behooves us to distinguish between the kinds of people who voted for him before, and who might vote for him again.

Many people heard Trump say, “What do you have to lose by voting for me?”, and reasoned that he had a valid point.

Although some people knew Trump’s undisclosed history of business failures, chronic refusal to pay his bills, organized crime connections, con schemes, chronic lying, and false self-promotion, most voters only knew of Trump through the t.v. show, Apprentice.

Since the American Middle Class slowly dwindled and the U.S. job market was gradually exported during all presidential administrations over the past fifty years, enough voters were swayed by Trump’s question, “What do you have to lose by voting for me?”, to roll the dice and vote for him.

Other voters, including white supremacists, those who misunderstand nationalism, those who hate strong women, those who think all Democrats want to confiscate all firearms, indoctrinated and radicalized evangelicals, and such, either voted against Hillary Clinton or voted for Trump, but it’s hard to separate one cause from the other.

Many who decided to vote for Trump; or who simply hated Clinton, latched onto Clinton’s comment about ‘deplorables’, and in defiance of having their decision questioned or criticized assumed ‘deplorable’ referred to them and made an issue of it.

To be clear, in Clinton speak, a deplorable is one who knows how self-serving, morally corrupt, and evil Trump is, and how much harm he has caused to others, but still support him. Since that person is knowingly contributing to Trump’s harm of others by supporting him, they are a Clinton ‘deplorable.’

Other people, who don’t know of Trump’s evil nature and of the harm he has caused to so many others, or have been brainwashed by Trump’s ‘false prohpet’ / ‘snake oil’ sales pitches are merely Trumptards, and not Deplorables.

Still others, those dominated by small tribal and amygdala dominated brains fighting for exclusive control of resources, foolishly thinking they belong to an extra special club, whose limited ability of logic and reason prevent them from seeing the larger picture, and who are fully aware of how evil Trump is, but, will always vote the party line no matter what, voted for Trump because they are what the left calls ‘Reptiletards’, in retaliation for being called ‘Libtards’.

Now, however, those who voted for Trump merely because they thought that no matter how bad he is, he couldn’t be any worse than what came before him have seen that he is substantially worse than what came before him and are less likely to vote for him again. These people are more likely to be Independents or Moderate Republicans and do not fit in the above three categories of mental defects.


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