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"the (I.Q.) of the candidates on that stage totaled more than the entire Corporate Republican Congress and White House combined."

Outstanding from watching the online streamed debate at home was the number of Corporate Deep State, + or, Corporate Republican Establishment, + or, Russian paid trolls flaming the comment section so much that the comments rolled faster than one could readily read them.

Since Trump turned the Middle East over to Russian Control, Putin apparently kept his promise of interfering in the U.S. campaign/electoral process.

Of course, with the Corporate Deep State ‘junta’ in full control of the White House administration, it was obliged to pay for its share of trolling as well.

To repeat, the intellectual quotient of the candidates on that stage totaled more than the entire Corporate Republican Congress and White House administration combined.

If those faux conservatives had brains, they would be out making an honest living and building businesses instead of playing the role of Judas in the Corporate War against Americans.

To focus on the positive side, beginning with the issue of a ‘wealth tax,’ by any other name, only Warren would clearly articulate the justification for such a tax which is important for voters to know.

She explained that all the wealth in the U.S. was made ‘on the backs’ of all Americans, from use of the U.S. labor force to the tax deductions for research & development, plus expansion & reinvestment, to the national economy, national infrastructure, law enforcement, military protection, the State Department trade negotiations, and the entire U.S. government that every person or business relies upon to acquire wealth.

Some candidates say a wealth tax isn’t the ‘way to pay’ and may be counter productive. Yang thinks a wealth tax will cause a mass emigration of parasitic tax exiles and refugees.

I suggest that any wealth tax be coupled with a retroactive 90% tax on the total assets of every wealth holder who chooses to up their parasitic tax status by emigrating to avoid paying their own way in society.

Yang essentially proposes value added taxes ‘to pay;’ which are effectively regressive consumption taxes falling most heavily on the poor, instead of a wealth tax.

This is implicitly predicated upon the national acceptance of the illegitimate redistribution of private and national wealth upwards into the hands of the .01% that has occurred over the past fifty years, leaving this nation in disrepair and the American People poor and in debt, and the .01% still mega wealthy.

With all that desperately needs to be done to save the United States from collapse and destitution, and to pay our mega debts, I suggest that both, a wealth tax and value added taxes which impact the super wealthy most be employed to pay for the rebuilding of the United States. One does not need to preclude the other.

Mayor Pete is inarguably bright. However, an even better orator than he learned that ‘Kumbaya’ on ‘the morning after;’ (Trump’s exodus from the White House in this instance), will not bring well designed polarized divisions within this country automatically together.

Dems appeased and capitulated to Corporate Republicans ad nauseam after Obama was elected, and it only emboldened Corporate Republicans to divide and obstruct at every moment and at every turn.

Appeasement doesn’t work and save self when the Beast within emerges to rape, pillage, plunder, and kill, hence Hitler and Trump and the fight for survival, Pete.

Appeasement of the health care/insurance industries is at the heart of opposing universal healthcare.

Neither Medicare, as it is, or ObamaCare, as it is, is sufficient health care or insurance coverage. They both leave people as financial victims of over priced, substandard healthcare.

Only universal complete coverage healthcare, paid for with the same dollars we are now paying for less than complete coverage healthcare, will solve all of the problems caused by the current legislatively imposed predatory healthcare/insurance system.

Pete, Biden, and some others illogically argue that universal healthcare takes away people’s right to choose how to receive their healthcare and how to pay for it, and divides voters.

This, I suggest, is another logical fallacy. Universal complete coverage healthcare establishes a healthcare floor that does not preclude the option of seeking healthcare outside of the universal healthcare system and paying for that healthcare as one chooses.

However, as with all universal public services, since the option to utilize public healthcare at any time would remain for all, irrespective of whether and how some may pursue healthcare, otherwise, I’m opposed to granting tax deductions to publicly subsidize private healthcare when and if some do seek it.

Public law enforcement and protection is available to all U.S. citizens at all times.

Yet, private protection services are also available at all times to all of those who desire it and can afford it without it being subsidized with tax exemptions for those who avail themselves of it.

The public service establishes a constant floor of availability for benefits and services which does not restrict its coexistence with private services.

The private protection industry rose and flourishes despite the continual availability of public law enforcement and protection. The private healthcare industry would likewise continue to flourish despite the availability of public healthcare, because the rich always want that which is better than what the average person can have.

The private healthcare industry coexisting with public healthcare may not flourish as profitably as it now does, as a competition free, government fostered and imposed predatory industry, but that is the consequence of the free market.

A free market would force the private healthcare industry to compete with the People’s own self provided public healthcare, which is more the American way than a government imposed, single alternative of private predatory healthcare.


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