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By simple logic, if any process is compromised, contaminated, or perverted, then the result can not be precise, correct, or legitimate. The 2016 U.S. election was compromised, contaminated, and perverted; in this case with cyber attacks on U.S. election processes, records, and information systems, and, Trump imploring foreign adversaries to intervene in our election activities and to hack political opponents personal records, and, with conspiratorial spreading of disinformation and misinformation. Consequently, in my analysis, Trump can not be a legitimate president because the election itself was corrupted and remains illegitimate. It doesn't matter whether Democrats went along with the electoral college's count for the sake of peace, to the essential issue of whether the election was legitimate enough to produce a legitimate result. Even wider acceptance of the corrupted result than actually exists could not undo the compromise to the 2016 election process, or legitimize that corrupted process or its corrupted results. If the American Majority does not believe in the integrity and legitimacy of the election, then neither the election or its result is legitimate, because only the American Majority can grant legitimacy to any government function. Hence, logically speaking, Trump can never be a legitimate president. The question is, was peace for peace's sake alone sufficient cause the Democrats to accept an illegitimate occupant in the Oval Office. After it all turning out to be even worse than could have been imagined, methinks NOT !

A Compromised Election Produces A Corrupted Result

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