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You Have NO Constitutional Rights ! Congress & the Supreme Court Canceled Them !

Updated: Jan 29

The U.S. Supreme Court’s War On The U.S. Constitution,

Democracy, And The American Majority

Corrupted Every Court In America

& The United States Congress !

After reading this post restating my petition to,


BY THE U.S. SUPREME COURT,' you recognize that Congress and the Supreme Court effectively canceled our constitutional rights by enabling every judge in this nation to deny us our constitutional rights without any effective accountability, please sign the petition demanding that Congress restore our constitutional rights at this link;


The unregulated and unaccountable U.S. Supreme Court has been the greatest enemy of the United States, Democracy, our Constitution, the Rule of Law, and the American People since the Court was formed because we foolishly permit it to regulate itself.

The U.S. Supreme Court was weaponized by a predatory minority who would be Kings or the 'Kings’ ‘men’ and the corporations they behind to satisfy their desire to conquer, oppress, and exploit the more civilized and well socialized American Majority that fought for, and continues to fight for, the individual rights that our forefathers secured for us in our Constitution, and for our God-given inalienable rights.

Our Constitution is our national license to operate, the exclusive instruction manual and guidelines on how to operate our nation, the benefits and warranties statement applicable to each citizen, and its Bill of Rights is a list of -only- some of our inalienable rights. It is each generation’s responsibility to ensure that the Constitution is implemented correctly and that each citizen has equal and unfettered access to the benefits and protections of the Bill of Rights, while the primitive urges of a minority try to take those rights from us by ‘hook, crook, theft, force, or death' for their self-gain or mere self-satisfaction.

The animal impulse, the biblical ‘original sin’ of the, it’s all about me and people like me, anti-social minority with their hyper-individualism and belief that they’re entitled to kill or harm as many people as is necessary for them to prosper, is what Americans fought against in the American Revolution, and why some of our forefathers had the foresight to demand a Bill Of Rights guaranteeing each person certain inalienable rights in our Constitution.

The predatory minority began corrupting the courts with influence money as soon as Congress established the courts. They paid politicians to stack the courts with judges who would rule for their benefit and gradually chip away at the Bill of Rights that would have protected the American Majority from harms caused by the minority. Now, most courts rule without regard to our constitutional rights and are lawless institutions ruling in favor of those paying the most for it, which are corporations and the very wealthy.

Judges rule with indifference to written law because we tolerate them granting themselves the divine infallibility and immunity that ancient Kings, claiming to be descended from God, granted themselves. They protect each other’s right to divine immunity with a fiction they created called judicial immunity, and declare the law to be whatever they want it be to conform to how they want to rule. The result is a Judicial Mafia of judges supporting each others' unlawful decisions according to an unwritten 'Code of the Black Robe.'

Before Paul Manafort was sentenced to 47 months in prison Judge T.S. Ellis declared, “I am a Caesar in my own Rome.” ( ) Ceasar was declared a God and the Roman Senate built a temple to worship a cult statue of him in, with a priest conduct the rites and rituals. ( ) Judge Ellis said what nearly every judge in America believes and practices based upon their self-granted divine immunity to man made law. They believe themselves to be, and act as if they are, Gods of the courtrooms they 'rule' in.

The history of how the Supreme Court overthrew the Constitution and undermined the Bill of Rights is revealed by a series of facts, including:

1. Some greatly profited from the King of England’s abusive exploitation of colonial Americans and fought against American Revolutionary soldiers to maintain their exploitive advantages and privileges.

2. When that didn’t work out for them, the same type of predators and parasites lobbied for a new King, and some urged George Washington to become King so they could be the privileged aristocrats and elitists ranking below him.,King%20of%20the%20United%20States

3. After unpaid American revolutionary soldiers returned home without jobs and protested against the banks and the courts for throwing them out of their homes and off of their farms, as in Shay’s Rebellion, society’s predators pushed for a strong central government and courts to protect their property and property wrongfully taken from others.

4. Those predators and parasites found that a strong central government cut both ways. It became more difficult for them to officially abuse and exploit citizens possessing guaranteed rights. Their solution was to pack the courts with pro-predator, ie, pro-wealth &

pro-corporation, judges to undermine and overturn individual constitutional rights that got in the way of their predatory oppression and exploitation of the American Majority. Their solution was to pack the courts with pro-wealth and pro-corporation judges to undermine individual constitutional rights that hampered their predatory exploitation of the American Majority. Their court packing ultimately led to the Supreme Court defrauding the American People of their exclusive God-given personhood by falsely declaring that Supreme Court Justices agreed that corporations possessed the rights personhood, so they could exploit people with the deceitful and fraudulent practices that our Founding Fathers previously prevented them from doing by limiting their power.,grants%20constitutional%20protections%20to%20corporations.&text=The%20railroad%20corporations%20are%20%22persons,Constitution%20(per%20headnote%20only

5. In doing so, the Supreme Court overthrew our Founding Fathers’ efforts to put and keep corporations on a short leash of control with limited duration and power, revocable at any time for wrongdoing, and insulated corporations from being dissolved for wrongdoing.

6. In doing so, the Supreme Court canceled the results of the American Revolution, fought to free Americans from the chains and blood-sucking of British corporations under King George, like the British East India Company, and replaced them with the chains and fangs of American corporations. (Id.)

7. Justice John Roberts furthered the Supreme Court’s fraudulent equating of corporations with People. He, too, canceled the early history of U.S. corporate limiting governance and equated speech with money so that corporations and the elite have vastly greater amounts of speech, and its inherent power, based on their vastly greater amount of money than most Americans. Thereby, the Roberts’ Court covertly upheld unequal speech in a farce, ironically named the Citizens’ United ruling, a euphemism for United Corporations Rule.

8. The Supreme Court pro-predator judges anticipated an opportune moment to diminish the personhood of the American People and to advance corporate superiority over us when it ruled in Jacobson v. Massachusetts (1905), that law cannot be challenged or declared unconstitutional based on the Preamble to our Constitution.

They did so because Americans believed that only God created People, and only God could imbue us with personhood and that God did not create corporations or imbue them with personhood. Early Americans did not equate people with corporations, and corporations did fight for us in the American Revolutionary War or participate in establishing our Constitution.

The Founding Fathers’ carefully chosen words to the Preamble,

We the People of the United States, … to …secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, establish this Constitution,”

was a direct threat to the corporations reach for total control of the U.S. government and all Americans because it does not state,

We the People and corporations … establish this Constitution’,

and it does not state,

to … secure the Blessings… to ourselves and corporations.’

The Constitution, therefore, was not created for the benefit or welfare of corporations in any way. It was created exclusively by and for ‘We the People,’ the collective personhood created by God. In response to the causes of the American Revolution, the Bill of Rights was enacted to protect us from the predatory exploitation of corporations and the moneyed elite acting directly or through state governments.

To earn their payoffs from corporations, as justices do today with speaking fees, the Supreme Court canceled the Preamble that declared the Constitution was for the exclusive benefit of People and fraudulently granted corporations personhood and the constitutional rights of people. However, because the Constitution does not acknowledge corporations, the Supreme Court committed fraud against the Constitution and the American People when it declared that the Fourteenth Amendment extended constitutional protections to corporations in Jacobson v. Massachusetts.,unconstitutional%20based%20on%20the%20Preamble

9. The current anti-Bill of Rights & anti-democracy Supreme Court judges defrauded the American People of more constitutional rights with their recent Dobbs decision attacking far more than a woman's right to abortion. Declaring that the right to privacy is not embodied in the Constitution, to justify ruling that women aren't entitled to an abortion, those judges necessarily ruled that no person owns their body, and therefore, no person has the right to privacy of their own physical being. Based on that absurdity, there is no constitutional ground for rape crime law, and anyone could be at liberty to rape or violently injure another person without violating anyone else's constitutional rights.

Thereby, the Court diminished property and privacy rights of all men and women because they are guaranteed equal protection under the law. If a woman does not own her body, then a man cannot lawfullly own his body. If People did own their bodies, they would necessarily have property rights that restrict the government from infringing on those rights or taking from them without compensation, which again applies equally to men and women. Only by stripping people of the right to own their bodies could the activist judges strip women of personhood’s right to privacy of their physical being, the peaceful enjoyment of that property, and self- determination in using that property.

10. The Court’s statement that the right to privacy is not embodied in the Constitution absurdly conflicts with the Declaration of Independence statement that all people ‘are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.' Our Constitution is founded on the cornerstone that 'Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness' are unalienable and not conditional on what is, or is not, written in the Constitution. From that premise, if ‘Life’ does not entail unalienable ownership of body and if ‘Life’ and ‘Liberty…,’ together, do not entail the right to be let alone in the pursuit of ‘Happiness’ that constitutes privacy, then 'Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness' has no commonly understood meaning. But the Roberts Court has attempted to strip these unalienable rights from the American Majority and reserve them exclusively for corporations and the very wealthy who will pay for their use as they desire to.

11. It doesn’t matter what the Supreme Court activist judges truly thought about personhood and self determination because overturning Roe v. Wade was necessary for them to placate the radicalized religious voting block that those judges' corporate sponsors rely on to vote for the political candidates of their choice. Hence, Dobbs is purely an unconstitutional political ruling.

12. Contrary to the disingenuous claims of the Supreme Court’s latest cabal of corporate activist judges, the Dobbs ruling opened the floodgate to unlimited corporate and government infringements on the God-given personhood of Americans, including mandatory organ harvesting. Because these judge’s primarily predicated the Dobbs decision on another potential life being at issue, irrespective of the impact of that other potential life’s on the health and life of the person that the potential life is dependent upon, an organ may now be forcibly taken from any American for the health and life of another person irrespective of the effect of that taking on the person the organ was taken from.

Any state judge may now issue an order permitting the taking of someone’s organs for the benefit of another person’s life and do so without compensation. For the Supreme Court to now argue against this barbarity that they created, they would have to reverse their position and rule that people do own their bodies and, therfore, necessarily have privacy rights to that property.

13. Based on Dobbs, since People do not own their bodies and do not have the right to control them, states now have the right to impose burden and forced labor on citizens without compensation, cancelling previous law restricting unpaid forced labor. This fact will inevitably lead to the restoration of debtors’ prisons, labor camps, and chain gangs. Under the same proviso, the Supreme Court’s corporate activist judges effectively canceled prior law forbidding slavery and slave labor. Since People do not own their bodies or have property and privacy rights to their bodies, and women can be forced into the unpaid labor of bearing anyone’s child without compensation, any American citizen can now be forced into unpaid slave labor for another person’s or a state’s exclusive benefit, or be forced to work for any wage dictated by another.

The equivalent of slave labor is what predatory corporations and the elites have been conspiring to create since the end of the Civil War, and there is a large segment of the U.S. population that still want to restore slavery to the U.S. ’South’ if not to the entire U.S. Though corporations have conspired with past Congresses and the courts to force Americans into economic slavery, in lieu of physical bondage, this Supreme Court’s pro-slavery cabal has legislated a new path to physical bondage through Dobbs.

If they achieve that goal, the slave population would not necessarily be based on race or color, and every U.S. citizen could become a slave based upon any criteria set by each state. In that scenario, men could be forced into unpaid labor for exceeding speed limits, because under this Supreme Court's interpolation of the Constitution, forced labor would not necessarily be cruel or unusual.

14. While the Dobbs decision is as great of an offense as any other committed against the Constitution and the American People by the U.S. Supreme Court, it is their wholesale abrogation of duty to protect individual constitutional rights from state violations of those rights and their cancellation of our constitutional right to petition our government for the ‘redress of (our) grievances’ against a state for violating those rights, combined with judicial immunity that effectively cancels all guarantees of all of our constitutional rights.

The conspiracy between the U.S. Supreme Court and Congress to permit the Supreme Court to only hear .01 percent of all cases sent to it; (approximately 75 out of the 7500 to 10,000 cases sent to it each year), instead of expanding the court to hear more cases as the population increases, while forbidding lower federal courts to review state rulings that violate our constitutional rights, guarantees that states will violate our constitutional rights whenever they want to, and that nearly no one can go to a federal court for protection of those federal rights. That constitutes a direct overthrow and cancelling of the Bill of Rights that ‘We the People’ should not tolerate!

The effects of these facts far exceed theory. I have personally fought the effects of the Supreme Court’s overthrow of our Bill of Rights and the resulting corruption of five levels of courts in Ohio for the past five years. Stemming from a simple suit for inverse condemnation for a government taking private property without due compensation, I inadvertently uncovered a long-term criminal enterprise organized and operated by multiple public officials.

Not only was the Fayette County, Ohio Auditor’s Office, Sherriff’s Office, Code Enforcement Office, Commissioners, and Health Department Officer all involved in creating, perpetuating, and, or protecting that organized criminal activity, but the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, the Common Pleas Court Judge, the Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court, the Ohio Attorney General, and both Ohio federal courts cooperated to harass, intimidate, commit further fraud, commit perjury, solicit perjury, abuse judicial discretion, deny due process, and, or attempt to apply law that didn’t exist or didn’t apply to the facts and circumstances of the matter, all to shelter and protect other public officials from accountability for their criminal or unlawful actions that constitute nothing less than racketeering.

All of this was made possible and encouraged by the U.S. Supreme Court’s and Congress’s conspiracy to deny citizens the right to petition the government for proper redress of grievances and by promoting immunity for all public officials from accountability for their wrongdoing under a false conceit that they could not do their jobs if they had to worry about being held accountable for that wrongdoing. The implicit presumption is that while a brain surgeon who can be held responsible for wrongdoing routinely performs brain surgery without fear, a public official is frozen by fear and unable to work if they can be held responsible for wrongdoing.

Further, you may read how our federal courts encourage organized crime, protect corrupt public officials, eliminate cases that don’t interest them without due process, and discriminate against self-represented citizens by reading complaints, pleadings, and appeals that directly reflect the frivolous claims of opposing attorneys and courts that, themselves litigate against citizens seeking to hold public officials accountable, including;

A. My appeal of the Sixth Circuit’s fraudulent ruling without reference to its false assertion that I didn’t challenge the common pleas court’s jurisdiction, even though the Supreme Court declined to hear this appeal, evidencing, once again, that no court will uphold individual constitutional rights from state violations of those rights:

B. My Appeal of the U.S. Southern Districts dismissal without lawful cause, without adjudicating the underlying questions which do not challenge the lower courts’ decisions, with its misapplication of law to the issues, and with its false assertions:

C. My Reply to Justice O’Connor’s challenge of my appeal to the 6th Circuit evidencing that the 6th Circuits eventual ruling was a fraudulent effort to ignore my actual appeal before it even did so:

D. The 6th Circuit’s ruling evidencing that it didn’t even review my actual appeal, and that it dismissed the case without answering the determinant questions of the appeal under its misapplication of absolute judicial immunity; which all courts are routinely doing, and with complete indifference to my reply to Justice O’Connor’s response that evidences that the 6th’s ruling was irrelevant to the appeal:

My original complaint became a secondary issue when the judges themselves became criminals systematically and routinely violating constitutional rights and wantonly abusing judicial discretion, forcing me to defend myself from their injustice and lawlessness. My response to all of these crimes to date, since neither the U.S. Supreme Court, Congress, the U.S. Attorney General, or the President’s Office bothered to respond to my report to them of these crimes, includes the launching of several petitions to publicize the corruption and seek the removal of certain corrupt judges from office. These include: , , , ,

with yet more to follow.

Since all judges appear intent on preserving what they have come to believe is their Godly omnipotence, infallibility, and immunity to man made law by committing any unalwful act necessary to do so, and there is no other formal means to hold judges accountable, ‘We the People’ must rely on ourselves, the Court Of Public Opinion, to judge the courts and hold them accountable to ‘Us,’ the ‘American People.’

So, if you care about your constitutional rights,


  1. Repeal The Law Granting Immunity To Government Officials That Now Results In Nearly Every Judge Violating Our Consitutional Rights.

  2. Repeal The Law Permitting The Supreme Court To Ignore 99.99% Of All Cases Filed in It. (It is the court’s duty to adapt the court to meet the needs of the People, and it is an abrogation of that duty to pretend the need doesn’t exist and to simply ignore 99.99% of all cases sent to it, and a violation of the Petition Clause!)

  3. Amend The Law Barring Lower Federal Courts From Reveiwing State Court Decisions. (It makes no sense that all federal courts can’t review state violations of our constitutional rights.)

  4. Or, Expand The Supreme Court To Accomodate The 7500 To 10,000 Cases That It Now Turns Away Each Year In Violation Of Our Constitutional Rights. (That is a blatant cancelling of our right to petition our government for the injustice and deprivation of due process by lower courts which is the U.S. Supreme Court's obligation to uphold and protect, NOT CANCEL !)

Sign the petition:


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