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The headline reads, 'Wall Street Journal: Giuliani had lunch with 2 indicted associates at Trump hotel just before their arrest.'

All of this with the Italian Mayor who sat around with his staff and watched the Godfather while his police force was out busting heads, and often killing people on the streets of N.Y.C.... Is this life imitating art, or was art imitating Giuliani's own life when he was watching DiCaprio's celebration of organized crime on television in government offices? It is uber ironic, and the epitome of the organized criminal activity of a low life conciliary 'fixer,' that Giuliani stated that the two thugs which he had lunch with immediately before they attempted to flee the U.S. on one-way flights out, -THE DAY BEFORE THEY WERE DUE TO TESTIFY BEFORE CONGRESS-, were only fleeing on business trips! All of this while Giuliani coordinates with the Corporate Republican Congress to protect and fortify Trump as a 'Teflon Don'! This is as good and nefarious as any movie script could be... This reveals Giuliani and the Corporate Republican Congress as principle soldiers in the Trump Organized Crime Family, being strategically utilized by the Corporate Deep State to protect its many agents and operatives which entirely populate Trump's administration. How much more proof positive do we need before saying, "Of course," Trump traded the keys to the national treasury to the Corporate Deep State for protection from recriminations for his treason with Russia and several other countries? Isn't it to protect the Corporate Deep State's current strategic positioning of its blood-sucking fangs in the carotid arteries of this nation, via its operatives in Trump's administration that the Republican Congress is betraying democracy, the rule of law, and every traditional value of America? The Republican Congress is as guilty of treason and coverup as the Trump administration and Giuliani is. It must be remembered, however, that the Corporate Deep State is complicit in Trump's treason and obstruction of justice as Trump is, because they both, empower it and shelter it. #CorporationsAreForeignEnemiesToo

Trump's Organized Crime's Shadowy & Nefarious Character

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