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The Evil And The Original Sin Of The, ‘Would Be’, AntiChrist President.

“In Matthew (chapter 24) and Mark (chapter 13), Jesus alerts his disciples not to be deceived by the false prophets, which will claim themselves as being Christ, performing "great signs and wonders". (1)

Trump continues to double down in blasphemously claiming that only he can, and has, worked the wonders and performed the miracles that he claims are his accomplishments.

No one else could have done what he has done, which would naturally include Christ and God, of course.

Trump, thereby, substitutes himself in Christ's place, becoming the prophesied Anti Christ.

Further, Trump’s very essence and every action, his ethics, morals, and values are all directly opposite of what Christ preached.

Trump is the Anti Christ.

Original Sin is the animal impulse of the primitive brain to satisfy one’s cravings and desires at the harmful expense of anyone or everyone else.

It continually competes with appropriate socialization and respect for God’s creation, and for control over humankind’s actions and behaviors.

It is the essence of the struggle between good and evil, between Godliness and sinfulness, between the civilized and the uncivilized.

Of the 7 deadly sins, ‘pridegreedlustenvygluttonywrath and sloth,’ Trump embodies each of each of them. 

It is vainglorious pride when Trump declares that only he can fix or improve what he says is wrong in the America, or the world, indicating that not even God can fix what he can.

No matter how much wealth Trump had, he evidences that he will lie, cheat, steal, and kill to get more, however he can, and from wherever he can.

He has sold out American and Christian values to obtain financial support and financing guarantees from Russian, Jewish, and Saudi Arabian money sources.

No matter how many times he’s been married, or how many children he has, he lusts after other women and cheats on his wives. He cheated on first wife Ivana Trump with Marla Maples, and cheated on last wife Melania with a porn star. He even stated on video camera that he molests women by grabbing their genitals because, as a celebrity, he’s entitled to.

Donald Trump envies the political dictators of countries like Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia because they have the power to do anything they want to do, including murdering their citizens who openly disagree with those dictator’s actions, and Trump envies that power and autonomy.

Trump’s obesity not only reveals his gluttony, but his gluttony also extends to his desire for ever more wealth, power, and sexual gratification as he claws and grabs at every shred of wealth, power, and sexual gratification to appease his wanton appetites.

No one in public life around the world is on record as having evidenced as much wrath against those who openly do not approve of his actions and behavior as much as Trump.

From calling women who criticize his lustful behavior, fat pigs and terrible people, and publicly mocking those with physical disabilities, to demeaning anyone with a different opinion on topical issues with degrading nicknames as much as Trump has.

While Trump evidences vainglorious pride about his hair, sweeping it around his head like swirls on a dairy queen cone, and coats everything standing still with fake gold plating, his utter laziness in verifying the facts and truths about most of what he speaks evidences the essence of sloth.

In early Abrahamic religion, Satan is typically regarded as "evil inclination", while evil is exemplified by profound immorality.

Trump, continually evidences the profound immorality of evil, the evil inclination of Satan, and each of the Seven Deadly Sins with his endless un-Christian behavior.

Trump embodies and personifies the Original Sin that characterizes the modern corporation, which Trump, himself, is.

Trump is a corporation at deadly war with the rest of humanity and civilization.

So, when one is characterized as a ‘Never Trumper,’ they’re actually being characterized as a ‘Always Godly’ person, and a ‘Never Satan’ or ‘Never Evil’ person.

Anti Trump is Anti Evil !

(1) Wikipedia

False prophets seducing with false treasure.
'Never Trump' is 'Never Evil'

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