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TOP RISKS - 2019 to 2020

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Preeminent national and global advisors behind GZero Media state it most succinctly in their 2019 'TOP RISKS' report; "politics matter now more than ever,...,to the way people live their everyday lives... Because the world will continue to be consumed by addressing the various political crises of the day, the broader challenges facing the globe will continue to go unaddressed — from the erosion of U.S. democratic institutions, to the fracturing of key global alliances. That means when a crisis does hit down the road, its impact will be devastating. That's the very top risk of 2019."

The full report indicates how Trump's knee jerk animal response to being exposed for his various crimes will likely result in him defensively lashing out wildly in many directions, causing crisis in multiple forms in the U.S. and abroad. But, there is a silver lining to the global threat that Trump is, to those of us in the U.S. interested in preserving the United States authorized and mandated by our Constitution, and to the democratic principles it enshrines. Because Trump rose as one of the heads of the multi-headed beast of wanton greed and self-interest, intent on satisfying its desires at any cost to others, he continues to reveal all that can destroy our system of government and business, and therefore gives us an unprecedented opportunity to institute and refine the checks and balances on all institutions which affect the common welfare and the daily lives of each individual in the U.S. Step no. 1 in doing so is to make all official corruption capital crimes with mandatory prison sentences. Step no. 2 is to overturn Citizens United in order to prevent commerce and industry from corrupting government with influence money, and prevent business from buying seats in Congress. Skipping Step no. 3, which is addressing the rapid climate change crisis, is Step no. 4, which is putting the runaway beast that Big Business has become back on a leash of regulations, and conditional entitlement to operate, which most protect the American Majority, U.S. democracy, the U.S. Constitution, a stable U.S. Government. Any presidential political candidate that embraces these priorities is on their way to becoming a candidate prepared to address the biggest threats to the U.S. in the coming decade.

I question one assertion of GZero Media's take on this issue. It states; "US institutions—especially the courts—are too strong for ( Trump, or presumably, any )... president to effectively muscle." When, however, the courts and other branches of government are dominated by Trump appointees and, or, devotees, or, as with the Senate and House Minority, are under the threat of Trump retaliating against them individually in a reelection campaign, those institutions have been effectively 'muscled' by intimidation, fear, or obligation. The larger threat is, when an institution of government is benefiting so much from the crimes and violations of norms as the U.S. Congress has been benefitting from Trump's crimes and violations of norms, to the point that such an institution protects the president's crimes and violations of norms, and actually runs interference in efforts to hold the president accountable for those violations and norms, as the U.S. Congress has done for Trump, then the wholesale corruption of that institution is far more of a 'risk' than a president attempting to 'muscle' an institution.


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