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Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Every formidable dictator in modern history was a great con man, and Trump isn't often referred to as the Great Con because he is any less of one. Every successful dictator also had an arsenal of scare tactics to help whip the weak minded into frenzied 'henny pennys' running aimlessly to dodge the falling sky. Trump pulled a well worn and time tested one from the Corporate Deep State's bag of top ten scare tactics to stir up support among the weak minded still supporting him, in his not so thinly veiled attempt to discourage the Democratic House majority from continuing the investigation of his self-enriching and treasonous presidential campaign, during his State of (Dis)Union speech.

For nearly a century, the Corporate Deep State has spread fear that foreign adversaries are trying to infect the U.S. with communism and socialism. The reality is, that every simple society is predicated upon some socialist organizational structures. A government, is in itself a socialist construct. The U.S. Military, civil law enforcement, municipal fire departments, public grade school education, the Center For Disease Control, Medicare & Medicaid are all socialist constructs which are vital for a society to function cohesively and smoothly. What the Corporate Deep State is truly saying when they ring the 'socialism' alarm bell is, that they do not want American citizens providing themselves with any service or product which, if they can control and dominate the provision of that service or product instead, they would make huge profits from doing so. It doesn't matter how inferior, or how much more expensive, the service or product they provide would be than if American citizens provided it for themselves. They insist that it is their American Capitalist prerogative to tax the American Public with unnecessary profit for, all too often, inferior products or service.

Trump trotted out the latest twisted and farcical meme to mischaracterize and propagandize the American Public's growing demand for publicly funded universal healthcare and higher education, by bellowing, something to the effect of, 'We were born free, and we are going to stay free, and not fall prey to socialist schemes...!' The ultimate irony of that statement is, that the American Public has for far too long been enslaved by the oppression of a perverse definition of capitalism, insidiously skewed to continually redistribute common and public wealth upwards into the hands of a predatory few. If the American Public is free, then we are free to use our own tax dollars to provide ourselves with superior healthcare and public higher education at a far lower cost and higher quality than we currently receive it from those who assess whether a life is worth saving based upon whether it generates enough corporate profit, or not. Life's essentials are not the proper commodities to entrust to the whims and vagaries of capricious and fluctuating profit schemes. It is long past the time for us to ask for cost efficient high quality public healthcare and higher education. It is time to inform our employees that we are taking what we are entitled to for our tax dollars, and, that includes publicly funded universal healthcare and higher education, and then some! #DontAskWhenItsTimetoDemand



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