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The sane and honest members of the Republican Establishment, and Congress particularly, have declared that while they disagree with the Republican Establishment they did not leave the Republican Party, but, insist that the Republican Establishment left the Republican Party.

In fact, the Corporate Deep State has bought out the Republican Establishment, destroyed its conservatism, and transformed the Party into a weapon of death and theft used against the American Majority.

The Corporate Deep State consists of numerous corporations, those who own and run them, their agents, operatives, representatives, and those who conspire with them to extract every penny of wealth from this nation while giving as little as possible in return, while killing as many people necessary to do so, and, to take complete control over the United States Government.

The Corporate Deep State has already gained majority control over most agencies and branches of our Government, all with the help of the Supreme Court and Congress.

While conservative implies carefulness, caution, and prudence, as well as preservation of present conditions, the only thing the Republican Congress has been attempting to preserve, since being owned by the Corporate Deep State, is corporate profit margins at the cost of thousands of American lives every year.

Conspiring to keep America dependent upon oil has cost thousands of U.S. military lives on oil sands in the Middle East, while a fraction of the money spent doing so could have freed America from oil dependency decades ago.

The toxic industrial waste spewed into our lives, our food, our air, and our water, minute by minute, for corporate profit has caused the spontaneous abortions of millions of fetuses, still births, birth defects, and the mental disturbances of several generations of our children, all in addition to millions of disabling illnesses and medical conditions.

Of all the things to be conservative about, the most important is to preserve human life, far before business profit.

Protecting human life is not the business that the Republican Establishment and the Republican Congress is in, since the Supreme Court ruled that corporations could buy judges and politicians with unlimited money, however.

The corporations have turned the Republican Establishment into a killing machine in which human lives are literally churned into corporate profits.

To achieve and maintain the right to turn human lives into corporate profits, the corporations have purchased control over most of our Government.

They've purchased most of Congress to legislate in their favor over the welfare of the American People.

They've purchased most judges to rule on those laws in favor of corporations over the American People.

They purchased the Supreme Court majority to rule that corporations are American People, for all of the advantages of American citizens without the responsibilities of American citizens.

While the corporations have seized control over the majority of Government, they have seized complete control over the Republican Establishment, and rule the Republican Congress.

Consequently, the Republican Establishment and the Republican Congress are waging a war to the death against the American People, turning human beings into corporate profits.

Corporate Republican War Casualties
Victims Of The Corporate War Against Americans

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