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Those who have been abused and discriminated against by others for no lack or insufficiency in themselves, owe themselves the justice of recognizing that such abuse is never an accurate or just comment or reflection upon themselves. Rather, it is always a comment and reflection upon the primitive beast within those who discriminate against others, for any reason other than individual questionable character or bad actions.

The self-preserving instinct of hyper 'me'ism in the less evolved human animal often extends to one's own family, and sometimes to larger local tribes. But, the least socially evolved, least educated, least sophisticated, and the small tribe most indoctrinated have mental blocks preventing them from embracing the full variety of God's creation, despite many of them claiming to be Godly. Those in that category conform more to the prescriptives of the ancient God of War, than to the teachings and legitimate ethos of Christ.

'Me'ism and small group tribalism usually manifests in group effort to grab and appropriate others' property or rights. As we know, slavery was not an invention of the U.S. 'Old South.' It was a practice of those conquering others since before recorded history, including Africans enslaving other Africans before Europeans made their way back to Africa en masse. Black Americans, therefore, would do themselves injustice by thinking that current discrimination is a reflection of anything other than some justifying their exploitation of others for any reason other than self-centered greed and self-righteousness. Likewise, the American Majority does itself an injustice by believing the Corporate Right's dogmatic justification for its financial enslavement of us, based upon our being inferior and undeserving, as anything other than self-centered greed and ill-founded self-righteousness. It is the primitive Beast within, constituting biblical 'original sin,' that drives the least socially evolved to war against others, taking their property and rights by force without just compensation, that manifests as discrimination and racism. The essential purpose of law and norms within all societies is to protect individuals and society itself from the primitive Beast within. Today, the Beast has escaped and become the Corporate Deep State intent on devouring all around it. Today, the greatest threat to national security is the Beast that has become the Corporate Deep State.

The Beast Within

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