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MONOPOLIES VS. CAPITALISM - How Republicans Betrayed Capitalism

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

The Corporate Deep State, Republican Establishment has betrayed traditional Republican values and capitalism. Every Republican president opposed monopolies prior to the Chicago School of Economics dominating antitrust in the 1980's.

"Milton Friedman, the arch free marketer, wrote, "“Economic freedom is an essential requisite for political freedom."" ... The principal reason for supporting free markets was not lower prices or consumer welfare, but strengthening of democracy and freedom...

"“In addition, by dispersing power, the free market provides an offset to whatever concentration of political power may arise. The combination of economic and political power in the same hands is a sure recipe for tyranny.”" ... Capitalism without competition is not capitalism."Quoting from Jonathan Tepper in his article at,

America as we know it was created as a British economic endeavor. The American Revolution was a reaction to oppressive conditions resulting from suppression of free trade, symbolized by opposition to monopolistic control of the tea trade by the East India Company, resulting in the Boston Tea Party. There is no clearer indication of how completely the Corporate Deep State has invaded the body of the current Republican Establishment, than how that establishment has advanced monopolistic control over all major U.S. markets while opposing all efforts to curb monopolistic control of markets, and consequently driving up prices. Hence, the Corporate Deep State has seized control of the marketplace and our Economy as a whole. He who has control of the economy has control of government and the country. It is, in essence, the Corporate Deep State War against the People of the United States, driven by the animal impulses of self-centered and unrestrained wanton greed and the desire to dominate others, constituting biblical original sin. The solution, take back control of our country from the Corporate Deep State, break up monopolistic controls of the markets, overturn Citizens United and the farce of corporate personhood. Jonathan Tepper has written a must read companion article for those wanting a fuller explanation of how the DOJ and FTC have become agents of the Corporate Deep State in its economic war on the United States and its People, 'Why Regulators Went Soft on Monopolies,' at:

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