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Governor Jay Inslee has declared his candidacy for president 2020 and staked climate change as the central issue of his campaign. Climate change is unquestionably a top tier issue for anyone's campaign and political agenda. However, even as dire of an issue as climate change is, it is a crisis which flows from official corruption and tolerance of Citizens United on the Left, and continuing to promote Citizens United on the Right. It is the fossil fuel industry's corruption of our government with their infusion of money into the Corporate Republican Establishment over the course of a century, nearly, which has caused rapid climate change and well may destroy Earth within our lifetimes. The multiplier effect of additional carbon in the atmosphere and it's domino effect can't be precisely and accurately limited to mathematical models, and all Hell could break loose in the form of natural disasters at any time. We can not effectively address climate change unless we address official government corruption and Citizens United which exacerbates and directs government corruption; as it relates to rapid climate change. That is why combatting official government corruption and Citizens United are the No.1 and No. 2 issues in my campaign platform, which affect the ability to effectively remedy most other issues concerning Progressives. However, I urgently place climate change at No.3, piggybacking on overturning Citizens United.


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