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Updated: Mar 1, 2019

I concede to 'immigration hawks' that if U.S. immigration laws are not enforced it's the same as not having immigration laws at all. But, I also assert that selective non-enforcement of those laws to benefit select political donors, while selectively enforcing them to punish those not contributing to the political party in power is just as much like not having those laws as not enforcing them uniformly.

I concede that to reward illegal immigrants with the ultimate prize most aspire to, the granting of U.S. citizenship to their children and themselves through illegal immigration amnesty programs, ultimately encourages many others to illegally immigrate and go underground for decades, if necessary, while waiting for another amnesty program to come around. But, I also assert that silent U.S. official policy of regularly not enforcing immigration laws to benefit select industries with plentiful and ultra cheap labor provided by illegal immigrants, effectively encourages, invites, blesses, and tacitly legitimizes those immigrant workers which borders on legalizing it.

I concede that granting illegal immigrants amnesty with permanent resident status or citizenship without having gone through the same time consuming application, review, and other processes is unfair and unequal treatment under the law to all other immigrants, and would be immigrants, who have gone through those steps and processes, particularly to those still waiting for decisions and responses after having completed that legal process. But, I suggest that it has not been the fault of those illegal immigrants that while some politicians complain publicly about illegal immigration, those politician's donor employers wave U.S. dollars in the air to attract illegal immigrants to work for them, which do so for decades sometimes without recrimination, but, which sends a mixed message to immigrant workers that the U.S. Government approves of them working without work visas as long as they don't commit a crime.

I concede that requiring the American Public to bear the financial burden of supporting illegal immigrants to any degree, without the American Public's explicit prior consent, is a breach of the taxpayer/government financial contract. But, I also recognize that the American Public has long been aware of the illegal immigration issue and the negative consequences of it, and has been largely negligent in holding politicians accountable for not addressing it any more effectively than it has. This, in my opinion, puts a share of the responsibility for any perceived immigration crisis on the American Public itself.

Consequently, to all of the above, I suggest that the American Public, the politicians we have elected, and the employers of large numbers of illegal immigrants are jointly responsible for the current illegal immigration situation. But, the cost of dealing with it in any manner will ultimately fall upon the tax paying American Public. Therefore, I suggest that the issue be separated into its parts and put before the American Public to be voted on. The American Majority will have then had a say in how their tax dollars are spent on dealing with the illegal immigration situation.


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