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Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Civility, a condition of the civilized, has little place in war. If you have missed the fact that the American Majority is under the siege of war waged by the Corporate Deep State, you might read further here at for an introduction to the death and destruction of America, and Americans, perpetrated by the 'CDS.' Only the civil recognize, value, and reciprocate civility. It is wholly lost on the radicalized and militant right constantly attacking the left for the sheer pleasure of the death, destruction, or duress it can cause. Hence, those responding to aspersions of being called names such as 'Libtards,' cast by the militant right against Americans in defense of constitutional guarantees and basic human rights, with reciprocal descriptive names like 'Reptiletards,' feel it no less than appropriate to hold the mirror of such comparable reprisal to their faces if for no other reason than to let a bully know that there are repercussions for their actions which they may wish to avoid. 'Turning the other cheek' in this situation is what resulted in Global Warming, Republicans violating the electoral will of the American Majority by refusing to act on their choice of a Supreme Court nominee (by Obama proxy), and Trump holding the Oval Office hostage.

The Corporate Deep State has bulldozed the state of the Union and its political correspondents so far beyond the right end of the traditional political spectrum, that any reference to a 'middle ground' or 'political moderates' is meaningless, because the point on the spectrum which they used to correspond to has disappeared. What used to occupy the 'middle ground' on the political spectrum has become mainstream corporate Republican dogma. This is a timely consideration due to Trump propagandist's promising that Trump's State of the (Dis)Union Speech will uncharacteristically call for 'unity.' Shocking and ironic, it is, I confess, and a disingenuous token gesture of feigned presidential deportment at best.

For those who were committed to the rule of legitimate law when Mitch McConnell led the corporate Republican Congress in a coup against the majority vote of the American electorate, from 2008 to 2016, and refused to respect the American Majority's twice expressed electoral will, including for President Obama to select a Supreme Court Justice, that corporate Republican Congress not only waged a war on Obama, they waged a war on the American Majority. Personally, I do not forget or forgive this trespass against us. To not clearly demonstrate to the corporate Republican Congress, and the corporate Republican Establishment, (the corporate political war party), that their actions have consequences, and one of those consequences is to be held accountable when the tables are turned.

If Trump were not the great divider and sower of discord that he is, and the ultimate personification of self centered greed which characterizes the Corporate Deep State, one might shirk at feeling towards him as the corporate Republican Congress did towards the American Majority's will, as conveyed in their vote for Obama. However, Trump, the corporate Republican Congress, and the predatory Corporate Deep State are identical in all ways which most negatively impact the American Majority. Consequently, not to oppose each and every aspect of the Trump administration, which doesn't negatively impact the American Majority, is negligence to self preservation and individual responsibility to hold those who transgress social norms accountable for their harmful actions. Now is not the time for unity, purely for the sake of unity, because feigned unity will not produce normalcy or civility. Now is not the time for moderation in response to the lethal aggression of the Corporate Right, as moderation will not save the lives at peril from its actions of toxic poisoning the environment, trading American lives in desert sands for oil industry profits, making life critical health care and pharmaceuticals too expensive to afford, filling our food full of carcinogenic substances, or countless other profit making, but death causing actions. No, now is not the time for conciliation or moderation. Now is the time to exert every effort and strategy to subdue and leash the beast that the unregulated, and corporate Republican Establishment supported, Corporate Deep State is, personified by Trump. #ReclaimFreedomThenUnify


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