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Updated: Feb 11, 2019

There is no clearer indictment of Trump's collusion with corporations participating in the murder of Americans with environmental pollution than the article published by the Union of Concerned Scientists, than their article, 'EPA Keeps Data Analysis on Stream and Wetland Protections in the Dark.' There is no more to say on that subject than that stated in the article, than to point to countless comparable examples of corporations murdering Americans with toxic poisons, while corporate agents in Congress protect and empower their violence. Toxic poisoning is violence against all who will be exposed to those toxins. Let us hope that EPA employees dedicated to protecting the environment are keeping a copy of all data and statistics in a safe place, because we know that the murderous corporate agents populating this administration will do everything possible to destroy all evidence of their violent acts against the People of the United States, via the toxic poisoning of their environment. The new Trump appointed ghoul to head the EPA, Wheeler, is a well vetted member of Trump's death squad. #PollutionIsMurder


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