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Updated: Feb 11, 2019

There's much talk about wealth disparity, or inequality, between the 1% and the 99%. The phrase, 'wealth disparity,' obscures reality with its vague simplicity, however, because it doesn't aptly describe the nature of that disparity. Most of that inequality, the 1%'s gargantuan wealth, was created by legislative fraud and theft, which I consider illegitimate gain. I believe that legislative fraud is illegitimate, because it was against the interest and welfare of the American Majority, and, therefore, its results are illegitimate.

Among the solutions to remedy this largest of plunders of a population in world history, in the least socially disruptive way, is to view this illegitimate wealth as a public investment in the prosperity of the 1%. Every corporate tax exemption, loophole, research and development expense, and subsidy was an investment of the American Majority in Corporate America. Now, I suggest, is the time to share in that prosperity in the form of a 'Return On Investment Tax,' dedicated to renewing U.S. infrastructure, education, and funding future-oriented start-up industries. These three components are essential for the U.S. to catch up to other advanced economies, particularly China's, which, ironically, is far ahead of the U.S. in these categories. All three of these issues represent far greater national security threats than the terrorism which U.S. foreign policy, in support of U.S. corporate adventurism and profit seeking abroad, continues to use the American Majority's money to create on a daily basis. America is literally falling apart at the seams, so fast that it will soon not be able to hold together, or, defend itself from foreign adversaries because it is infrastructure which physically holds it all together. Remember the words: 'America's Return On Investment Tax.'

America Built Wall Street, It's Time For Wall Street To Pay Its Debt & Rebuild America

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