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Updated: Jan 26

These are names that Democrats, not melting from the heat, use to describe various Republican types who call Democrats Libtards, Snowflakes, Demorats, and comparably denigrating names. Whereas Republicans typically regroup all Democrats under a single depricating label of their choice, Democrats distinguish the Republican Establishment from all Republican Voters, and all Republican Voters into types based on various characteristics.

Democrats view the Republican Establishment as corporate leaders and the very wealthy organizing and paying for politicians' efforts to deny the public our constitutional rights and to transfer all wealth upwards to a few in the Republican Establishment, using falsehoods and divisive rhetoric to distract the voters attention from the cancellation of our rights and theft by fraud of our money, while accusing Democrats of using that same divisive rhetoric.

Reptiletards, they say, are those who are 'deaf, dumb, and blind' to the Republican Establishment's actual agenda to suction up all wealth by theft or fraud, and dumb down the public so we can't recognize that theft and fraud, and keep us so financially lacking that we're too consumed with barely making a living to notice the theft and fraud of our money, and who vote for Republicans because they know no better or have been seduced by rhetoric. In short, they have been retarded by Republican indoctrination and propaganda, Democrats say.

Many Democrats consider Donald Trump to be the quintessential face and brain behind the Republican Establishment's mask traditionallly disguising its true parasitic and predatory nature, and believe that is why the Republican Establishment initially opposed Trump's run for the presidency. It recognized Trump's self-centered, mean spirited, acrimonious, thieving, and wholly false nature and feared that the public would identify and associate the Republican Establishment with the same. It underestimated how effectively it had dumb downed much of the public and how much that public resented the financially diminished condition the Republican Establishment had left it and the country in. Therefore, it didn't anticipate how eagerly that public would respond to a masterful con man promising to remedy all the harm that the Republican Establishment had caused the public and the country, however it was recharacterized. But, since Trump's meme, 'America First', cloaking his true philosophy, 'Trump First and Trump Only', was consumed by Trump's base like a new religion for those desperate for hope of an improvement in their lives, Democrats view that base to be retarded by Trump's carnie show and sales pitch, and therefore refer to them as Trumptards.

Deplorables, on the other hand, differ from Reptiletards and Trumptards.The latter are beleived to be too dumbed down or worn senseless to know how decieved they are and how their support of the Republican agenda only harms them more. Deplorables recognize the Republican Establishment and its agenda for the organized theft and fraud scam that it is. But, they have either joined the effort to financially benefit from the scam, like most Republican politicians, Democrats say, or they suffer from 'oppositional personality disorders' and would 'rather fight than switch' because they're addicted to the adrenaline rush of conflict. Democrats believe that most Republicans have conflict dependent personality disorders to some degree, but believe that Deplorables are willing to take the hit of diminished living standards for themselves or others because they get a high from the adrenaline rush of conflict that they get in no other way.

Libtards, as counterpart to Reptiletards, are those dumbed down by messages that social responsibility is prerequisite to all peaceful and thriving societies, and therefore spend too much time, energy, and money to create or maintain a peaceful and thriving society, according to Republicans.

Snowflakes is a more ambiguous term. It generally refers to Democrats who become heated or upset about harmful violations of the rule of law or social norms and percieved injustices to certain members or groups in society. Republicans also refer to those who take exception to public breaches of common civility or flagrant abuses of political correctness as snowflakes, presumably suggesting Democrats have psychological meltdowns over such occurrences. The implication is that Democrats believe that the rule of law and social norms are necessary for the survival of society, while Republicans believe they are to be bent, exploited, or violated whenever there is something to be gained from doing so.

Demorats doesn't appear to be assoicated with any specific difference in philosophical or political positions, but is merely the worst name that Republicans needing to fight have associated with Democrats. It is was arrived at naturally by dropping the 'c' from 'Democrat'.


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