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AMERICA ENSLAVED - The Corporate Agenda

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

The modern definition of slavery is subjective and relative, and bondage takes many forms even when leaving the philosophical premise that all life is enslaved to the needs of its own survival, aside. This issue went underground prior to the American Civil War when, would be American royalty and aristocrats were compelled to defer their desire to be lord and master of underlings at the founding of our federal republic and our constitutional democracy guaranteeing equality of all ‘citizens.’ While Americans managed to throw off the visible yokes of indentured servitude and the shackles of slavery, the invisible and inescapable bonds of a corporate centric government are just as confining, exploitive, and punishing as the shackles and chains of pre Civil War slavery.

Whoever first coined the essence of the maxim, "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws,” is as much an operative principle of today’s commerce and industry as it was when first stated. It essentially means, they who control the money can control the law and its enforcement. Today’s corporations, with banking and finance at the lead, effectively control the economy, the flow of money, our government and all WE citizens. The combined forces of industry, commerce, and finance, coupled with their operational arm; various elements of our own corporate dominated government, have effectively become the Deep State which Trump has violated the rules of by publicly referring to it, without acknowledging that it is actually the Corporate Deep State. The Corporate Deep State’s primary purpose is to redistribute all commonly produced and owned wealth, and publicly owned wealth, upwards into the hands of the 1%, or less. To achieve that, they conspire with their agents who they have sponsored to become part of our government to do several things;

1. To keep the American Majority as impoverished as possible, which in turn compels the Majority to work as much and as long as possible just to afford the basic essentials to exist, and, which produces the maximum amount of profit possible from the labor force available to the Deep State. Keeping the American Majority working overtime merely to survive also keeps the Majority from becoming informed on, and thinking about, issues which might lead to it voting on those issues in its own best interest, and against the exploitive interest of the Deep State.

2. Propagandize all efforts by the American Majority to cost effectively provide for their own essential needs through their employees in their own government, with their own tax money, as socialism and destructive to American values and society. This, in turn, justifies the corporations to provide the American Pubic with all its essential needs at higher than necessary costs while producing the maximum amount of profit possible for the corporations.

3. Dumb down the American Public by attacking and dismantling public education, and, making higher education unaffordable for most, in order to keep the American Public from being informed on the facts of civil government, and, from being able to critically think about political events or policies, with the ultimate intent of being able to manipulate the public into voting against its own well being with fake news and misinformation, or, into not voting at all.

4. By offshoring as much industry as possible and effecting high unemployment, as well as making higher education unaffordable for most, the Deep State produces a large population of young undereducated citizens who voluntarily enlist into the armed forces merely for a modest income and to avoid becoming homeless. In times when a military draft is considered unpopular and politically risky, only by creating job shortages can the Deep State ensure ample enlistees to sacrifice on the battlefields of corporate adventurism, such as on the Middle Eastern oil sands where American soldiers have been sacrificed to produce oil, banking, Wall Street, and war industry profits. The Corporate Deep State has effectively enlisted the U.S. State Department and U.S. Military into its blood money profit scheme in the Middle East, predicated upon job shortages and the desperate need of young American citizens for employment.

While the overt signs of official slavery are only argued over, as they exist in statues, memorials, and vestiges of America’s past, institutionalized slavery has become state of the art in a multitude of insidious forms with no less threat of painful death than it ever overtly posed in the past. Only by educating and informing the public as our founding fathers declared we must in order to preserve the new Republic, and by holding the perpetrators of falsehood and misinformation responsible for their falsity, can we preserve the Republic and promote our own general welfare.


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