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Supreme Court Thugs Canceled Personhood & Ownership Of One's Body To Justify Banning ABORTION

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Today’s anti-democracy and anti-Bill of Rights Supreme Court judges defrauded the American People of more constitutional rights with their recent ‘Dobbs’ decision that attacked far more rights than a woman’s right to abortion. Declaring that the right to privacy was not embodied in the constitution, those judges necessarily concluded that People do not own their own bodies and therefore do not have the property right of privacy with one’s body. Based on that absurdity, there is no constitutional ground for rape crime law and anyone could be at liberty to rape, harm, or remove parts of another person at will.

Thereby, the Court diminished the property and privacy rights of all men as well as women because men and women are guaranteed equal protection under the law. If People owned their bodies, they would necessarily have property rights that restrict the government from infringing on those rights or from taking those rights without compensation, which, again applies equally to men and women. Only by stripping people of the the right to own their bodies could the activist judges strip women of personhood’s right to privacy, the peaceful enjoyment of that property, and self-determination with that body.

The Court’s statement that the right to privacy is not embodied in the Constitution also absurdly conflicts with the Declaration of Independence’s statement that all people ‘are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.' Our constitution was founded on the cornerstone that 'Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness' are inalienable and not conditional upon anything that may or may not be written in the Constitution. From that premise, if ‘Life’ does not entail inalienable ownership of body, and if ‘Life’ and ‘Liberty…,’ together, do not entail the right to be let alone in the pursuit of ‘Happiness’, that constitutes privacy, then 'Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness' have no commonly understood meaning. But the Roberts’ Court has attempted to strip these inalienable rights from the American Majority and reserve them exclusively for corporations and the very wealthy who can afford to buy them back from corrupt judges.

It doesn’t matter what the Supreme Court activist judges truly thought about personhood and self-determination. Overturning Roe v. Wade was necessary for them to placate the radicalized religious voting block that corporate predators rely upon to vote for the political candidates that those corporations sponsor, and who will protect the corporations' practice of exploiting and preying upon the American majority.

Contrary to the deceitful claims of the Supreme Court’s latest cabal of corporate activist judges, the Dobbs ruling opened the floodgate to unlimited corporate and government infringements on the God given personhood of American citizens, including mandatory organ harvesting. Because these activist judge’s predicated their ‘Dobbs’ decision primarily on the factor of another potential life being at issue, irrespective of that potential life’s influence on the health and life of the other person that its own life is dependent upon, an organ may now be forcibly taken from any American for the health and life of another person, irrespective of the effect of that taking on the person the organ was taken from. Any state judge may now issue an order permitting the taking of someone’s organs for another person’s benefit and do so without compensation. For the Supreme Court to now argue against this barbarity that they created, they would have to reverse their position and rule that people do own their own bodies which would necessarily present the property and privacy rights issues that they implicitly canceled in the ‘Dobbs’ decision.

Based on Dobbs, since People do not own their bodies and do not have the right to control them, states now have the right to impose burden and forced labor on citizens without compensation, cancelling previous law restricting unpaid forced labor. This fact will inevitably lead to the restoration of debtors’ prisons, labor camps, and chain gangs. Under the same proviso, the Supreme Court’s corporate activist judges effectively canceled prior law forbidding slavery and slave labor. Since People do not own their bodies or have property and privacy rights to their bodies, and women can be forced into the unpaid labor of bearing anyone’s child without compensation, any American citizen can now be forced into unpaid slave labor for another person’s or a state’s exclusive benefit, or be forced to work for any wage dictated by another.

Slave labor is exactly what the predatory corporations and elites have been conspiring to restore since the end of the American Civil War, and there’s a large segment of the U.S. population that still want to restore slavery to the U.S. ’South,’ if not to the entire U.S. Though corporations have conspired with past Congresses and the courts to force Americans into economic slavery, in lieu of physical bondage, this Supreme Court’s pro-slavery cabal has legislated a path to physical bondage through ‘Dobbs.’ However, if they achieve that goal, the slave population would not necessarily be based upon race or color, and every U.S. citizen could become a slave based upon any criteria set by each individual state. In that scenario, men could be forced into unpaid labor for exceeding speed limits, because under this Supreme Court's interpolation of the Constitution, forced labor would not necessarily be cruel or unusual.

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