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   for   President  2024

Fighting   Corruption
to restore our  
Constitutional Rights,
The Rule Of Law,
Our Economy,
National Security,
and a path to
America's 100%




the greatest threat to you and our country is from within.

Large corporations and the fascist legislators and Supreme Court judges they employ,

- The Corporate Deep State -

are at 


with the U.S. Constitution, Democracy, Personhood, &


The American Majority.


Big Money pays lawmakers and judges  

to legislate, regulate, and adjudicate

our rights, opportunities, health, and prosperity,

- the American Dream - 

away from us,

one law and one court ruling at a time.

Using distraction, diversion, deceit, false flags, false memes, and fake news

society's predators scheme to redistribute every penny of national wealth upwards

concentrating it into the hands of fewer and fewer

until the top 1% of Americans own more wealth than 90% of the American Majority.

While democratization makes it more possible for all to acquire wealth,

society's parasites and predators,

- The Corporate Deep State -

game the economy to their advantage and to your loss.


The primitive BEAST within some, 

- the Biblical Original Sin -

driving those consumed with animalistic self-interest and greed

 is at war with


the American Majority,

for your rights, your freedom, your personhood, your health, and your very lives.

Their ultimate goal is to take our money

and to exploit us to make yet more money!

Their political causes and crusades are mere distractions and diversions 

contrived to recruit the easily manipulated into helping them take our money.

Their every political and court win is our financial loss.


The benefits of Liberty and Democracy, 

secured by our forefathers' struggles and guaranteed to all by the U.S. Constitution,

are not granted to all equally

or respected by those determined to deprive others of those benefits.

Liberty and Democracy rarely benefit those

who don't demand the benefits they're entitled to.

If you don't demand the rights and benefits

that generations of your forefathers fought and died for

and which our founding fathers constitutionally bequeathed to you,

but, which corporate controlled legislatures and courts steal from you daily,

one law and one ruling at a time, 

you forfeit it,

& that's on



If YOU are not mad as Hell, 
you don't know what has been, and is being stolen from you.

If YOU are not mad as Hell,

you don't know that the 'American Dream' has been legislated away from you

by Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court.

If YOU are mad as Hell, it's no longer enough!
If YOU don’t ACT to take back control of your country 

the Corporate Deep State & the 1%

and put corporations back on the short leash of regulation

that our Nation's Founders kept them on,

and enforce the 'rule of law' on all,

and impose accountability on politicians and judges

that they have insulated themselves from with self-granted immunity,

you’re doomed to suffer their continual rape and theft

of your health, wealth, life, happiness, and personhood.


Your civility, moderation, and good will alone cannot cancel the reality

that the primitive Beast, Evil, will always emerge in some

as society's parassites, predators, and takers. 

This is WAR,
The Corporate Deep State & the 1%

at war with


the American Majority,

for your constitutional rights and personhood that the U.S. Supreme Court canceled.

Join US, and let's Make All Americans Free and Prosperous.

Join US, and retake control of our country from the Corporate Deep State.

Join US, and restore the rule of law that the courts undermined.

Join US, and hold all public officials accountable for their actions.

Join US, and demand that your tax money be spent on you, not only on the 1%.

Join US, and demand that public wealth be spent to benefit the entire public, 

and not legislatively redistributed upwards to the 1% alone.


Because, America's 100% is America!


Because, America can't be great again until America's 100% is free and prosperous.


Because, Americans can't be prosperous until Americans are free again.


Because, Americans can't be free again until America is free of corporate government .



#MAFA  Make Americans Free Again


#MAPA  Make Americans Prosperous Again


If  YOU are not part of the solution, your inaction is part of the problem!




A President's plan for prosperity is what leads to prosperity
and ultimately makes the difference in People's lives.




                                         A SHORTLIST TO YOUR WELL BEING AND PROSPERITY                                          


          For the well being and prosperity of all,         

                              Americans must first reclaim our unalienable God given personhood                                and the right to privacy-of-self that personhood entails, and which all other rights are founded upon.

The U.S. Supreme Court stripped Americans of God given personhood

when it amended our Constitution without authority by nullifying its Preamble, 

because the Preamble states that the Constitution was created by and for the People, 

not by and for corporations, 

and when it elevated corporations as supreme People

based on their greater power of speech commensurate with their greater wealth.

The court further stripped Americans of personhood with its unconstitutional 'Dobbs Decision'. 

Second, Americans must enforce the law on corrupt judges that most judges choose to ignore,

and revoke the divine immunity to accountability for their actions that judges granted themselves 

so that they can deny Americans our constitutional rights with impunity,

and which they wantonly abuse to support the organized crime of other public officials.

Otherwise, Americans have nowhere to turn for justice when our rights are violated but to ourselves,

leaving us compelled and justified to pursue justice on our own terms.       


America must create new jobs in the higher paying growth industries of today and tomorrow,

instead of fighting with low wage countries for jobs in yesterday's industries

and subjecting our children to lives with black lung disease deep down in coal mines, 

or risk becoming a third world country behind China and India.

Instead of legislating Wall Street's destruction of Main Street

with big corporate subsidies, tax loop holes, rewards for offshoring labor and profits, 

and incentives to drive smaller private firms out of business, 

we must nurture Main Street's economy by reversing the trend

and give smaller family firms the subsidies, tax breaks, and incentives for growth.


We must end Corporate Welfare that pays for research and development 

that corporations then ship overseas to employ foreign workers,

or sell technology that we funded or subsidized to our global competitors

where those corporations keep their profits tax free. 

We must force those corporations to pay their own way.

Americans can, and must free ourselves from the sure death stranglehold

of dependence on a single energy source that investors in Big Oil 

have had us in for a century, while choking the life out of us, literally, and out of our economy. 

We must end the ritual sacrifice of thousands of American soldiers

whose lives were traded in desert sands for oil industry investor profits, 

while creating enemies against American citizens around the world,

and that now trades millions of human lives and trillions of dollars in property damage

from fossil fuel induced climate disasters for investor profits.


If we don't acknowledge that fossil fuel is a limited resource

that should be saved as a national treasure for emergencies and future specialty products,

we will eventually be caught without energy of our own when we most need all of the energy we can get to defend ourselves from those who intend us harm or deal with a global crisis.

We must recognize that renewable energy independence now is a national security emergency !

WE must recognize that the American Dream of having a better life than prior generations had, 

and ensuring that our children have a better life than prior generations had 

depends on keeping Americans employed in higher skilled jobs

with incomes that will enable them to improve on their current circumstances. 


WE must recognize that this American Dream depends on being leaders

in the most profitable industries of today and tomorrow.
We cannot have a better tomorrow if we penalize the future

to put the past on life support for the profits of a few.

We cannot free ourselves of dependency on the fluctuating global oil market

by penalizing renewable energy technology as is now done.

WE must recognize that what was, was, and is no longer,

and that the American Dream can only be sustained by taking the path to what is, and will be.


 Most high paying jobs today require specialized education or training.

Tomorrow's high paying jobs will require even more specialized education and training.

But anti-progress politicians spent decades attacking education to intentionally dumb down Americans  and our global competitors have already overtaken us in the education of many of the best jobs.


To catch up and move ahead,

WE must recognize that our undereducated majority is a threat to progress, 

and that a threat to progress is a threat to our national security.
If we merely stand still the entire world
will rush by and leave us in the past.


To catch up, 

WE must restore our public education system to its former world leader status.

To move ahead,

WE must make a four-year college education possible for all who are capable of benefitting from it.

A four year college education just barely prepares one to meet the demands of life today

and the highly skilled jobs quickly coming on line.

For others, We must make specialized training in today's job skills readily available.
We can't build an economy of the highest paying industries

without workers educated and trained to work in those industries.

It is a national security threat to have a large population of unemployable citizens,
and we cannot expect our workers to carry our country forward without preparing them to do so.


For our national and personal security and prosperity,

WE must improve the trust and working relationship between ourselves and our foreign allies

that we've long depended on to help maintain U.S. safety and prosperity,

and restore the respect that the rest of the world used to have for the U.S. when we kept our promises.


WE must restore the trust that Americans used to have in our own government

 when we were able to hold government employees accountable for their wrongful actions and words.
Politicians' words are terms contract offered to obtain our votes and should be considered binding.

Politicians' false and deceitful words should be considered contractural fraud

and they should be held legally accountable for that fraud and disqualified from ever serving public office.


We should legitimize elections by replacing the Electoral College

with One Person = One Vote directly counted.

General distrust of our voting system is a national security threat that foments domestic unrest.

Gerrymandering is only one abuse that compromises voting integrity and voter confidence.

We can prevent gerrymandering by apportioning voting districts with a universal algorithm

that will increase voter agency and confidence in our democratic elections.

Holding national referendum voting on the most controversial issues dividing society

would relieve much social pressure and temptation to bribe legislators for their votes.


Medical insurance remains an unfair cost burden on business 

and a problematic determinant in where Americans seek employment. 

Large businesses have an unfair advantage over smaller businesses

because of their relative abilities to subsidize the cost of medical insurance.
The inability of small businesses to hire talent dependent on subsidized health insurance

discourages new business startups and the innovation of individual entrepreneurs,

and that handicaps the American economy.

Keeping Americans alive and healthy should not be dependent

on whether a corporation considers it profitable enough to keep them alive and healthy !

Americans ourselves should be able to decide directly in a national referendum vote

whether WE want to provide ourselves with the best possible health care

 with our own tax dollars at the lowest cost possible

 while still allowing everyone to buy all the private insurance and private healthcare they want.

Every American's health and life should not hinge on the unlimited purchasing power of a few !


The only way to deter corporate crime is restore laws dissolving corporations for egregious crimes,

and enact mandatory prison time for corporate employees involved in those crimes,

and permanently ban those employees from holding any future corporate administrative jobs.


Past U.S. Supreme Court judges with more integrity than most declared, albeit sexistly, 

that no man can stand in judgment of himself. 

America cannot restore the rule of law and common belief in the integrity of that law

unless we police and judge our government employees by outside bipartisan agencies.

Letting Supreme Court justices decide for themselves whether they have a prejudicial interest

in a matter before the court invites biased decisions without credibility, and must end. 

Letting Congress judge claims of legislators' wrongdoing increasingly results in Congress giving wrongdoers passes for wrongful behavior, encourages more wrongful behavior, and must be stopped.

Permitting presidents to grant pardons to criminals undermines our judicial system

and results in presidents trading pardons for campaign contributions and endorsements.

Allowing presidents to pardon members of their own administrations and campaign staffs 

results in organized crime syndicates for presidential administrations and must be stopped !


WE must recognize that the U.S. collapsing infrastructure is a national security threat

that currently cannot support a quick national mobilization to defend ourselves

from the increasing threat that the axis of China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran now present.

If we were attacked by that group today we would suffer a fate comparable to Ukraine

with our outdated infrastructure shut down like we never had it.

While we must modernize our critical infrastructure for our national security,

and we can create millions of high paying jobs in doing so,

WE must require Big Business, that uses our infrastructure the most, pay their fair share of its cost.

WE have seen anti-consumer politicians employed by Big Business attack the scientific community

with ridiculing spin and propaganda when scientific realities might affect easy corporate profits. 

The millions of lung cancer deaths due to smoking,

the thousands of unnecessary deaths due to the unabated spread of Covid,

and the lost lives and trillions of dollars in property damage

from the increasingly intense and frequent hurricanes throughout our South

are testimony to the death and destruction caused by these politicians denying scientific realities.

To protect our national security, economy, health, and lives, 

WE must take the regulation of science and scientists from corporate politicians

and secure the independence of scientific reality by entrusting it back to scientific agencies.


These same corporate sponsored politicians tell us that combatting global warming is too costly.

But they don't tell us the monetary value they place on each life lost

due to global warming related climate disasters.

Carbon emission reduction and recapture is about saving lives, not stockholder divedends.


Now it's your turn.

Share your thoughts on securing the well being and prosperity of America's100%.



is a grassroots effort for those willing to defend their constitutional rights

and who wish to claim the benefits of their citizenship as Americans.


We will continue to add commentary to this effort in Our Blog section. 

Please feel free to offer any suggestions which might further this cause

or improve this site and the user experience of it 

in a private message at;


Please donate $1.00 if you wish to promote this Platform for Prosperity
Urban Skyline



says Wall Street.

I disagree !  


Then it's the economy.





     If we bury our heads in the sands of yesterday's Economy,
we'll never catch up to the Economy of today and tomorrow.

     Putting the unemployed to work today,

while nurturing the commerce and industry of tomorrow are not mutually exclusive,

and the People of the United States have already proven that they can do both.

     What if, instead of redistributing $4 trillion dollars of taxpayer money

to giant corporations and the 1%, as the Trump tax reform fiasco did,

we create jobs for American workers by using that money to;

~ protect our energy supply systems from foreign attackers and natural disasters,

~ protect our critical communication and information systems from attackers and hackers,

~ build dykes and levees to protect American homes from rising flood waters,

~ develop water supply and conservation technology for U.S. drought zones, 

~ rebuild collapsing bridges and fill the cracks and potholes in our roadways,

~ modernize our weapon systems to match what Russia and China have developed,

~ research and develop new technologies and products that we can sell to U.S. industries that can only be produced in the U.S., and that industry can't transfer to foreign countries.

~ improve our infectious disease early detection and control systems,

~ build self deicing bridges and roads in extreme traffic zones,

~ clad and roof our critical public buildings in solar energy collecting materials so saboteurs can't disrupt power to our critical institutions,

~ reforest public lands to absorb carbon and cool our country,
~ and, generally, invest in the U.S. in ways that all Americans will benefit from.

     What if, we spent some of that $4 trillion dollars to educate and retrain American workers to do the skilled jobs that employers say Americans are not qualified to do now, instead of giving U.S. employers special visas to import foreign educated workers to fill those jobs.

     What if, instead of spending trillions of dollars in the Middle East to promote a foreign policy of trading American soldier's blood, guts, and lives for oil and war industry profits, we paid American citizens to work in the growth industries that China is racing ahead in, while leaving American workers behind in a cloud of yesterday's coal dust?

     Why should the children of U.S. citizens be consigned to a future of black lung disease and collapsing coal mines, while foreign countries are employing their former coal miners in high tech factories producing technology that they then sell to the U.S. and the rest of the world?

     The legislated destruction of American jobs, American industry, and the American Middle-Class was too sudden, too well coordinated, and too extensive to not be intentional. Congress used your money to pay industry to export your job overseas,

and to export corporate profits overseas to help them avoid paying their fair share

of taxes to support and protect this country.

     The Corporate Right's coordinated attack on public education ensures

that Americans are too under-educated, under-informed, or misinformed

to realize that WE are being raped of our constitutional rights and wealth,

leaving too many unable to distinguish between the legislated theft of our prosperity and the pro-corporate propaganda they preach to divide us and lead many

into voting for that which harms them the most.

     Meanwhile, Americans remain unqualified to do the high skilled jobs

of today's and tomorrow's growth industries.

It appears that they prefer to keep Americans too uninformed to realize

what they're voting for, while knowing that educated foreign workers on special visas can't vote in U.S. elections, and, therefore, don't threaten their control

of our government and our lives.

     But, the American Majority has the power and the right to vote jobs, security,

and well being back into America, and to vote prosperity back to the American Majority,

and to vote the American Majority back into a Middle-Class.

Road Constuction


A Prosperous Future Is Yours, If You Demand It!




   From hack proof information systems and power grids, lighting fast bullet trains, self-powered homes, self-deicing and solar collecting roadways, ocean water desalinization, to ocean wave generated energy, other countries are way ahead of us in the technology of the future, while Congress forces Americans to pay for the corporate welfare of yesterday's industries and corporations, while those corporations export the technology and tax free profits we subsidize to other countries.

     While corporate legislators redistribute your money upwards in tax breaks and gifts to the super-rich who transfer your money into their off-shore tax-free accounts , and isolate themselves in tower penthouses and on private islands, other Americans are dying from lead-contaminated water, collapsing bridges, an unregulated airline industry, poisonous food, and toxic pharmaceuticals.

     If a fraction of your money was spent to restore America's infrastructure and to protect you from the indifference of the corporations to the deaths that their products and services cause, Americans would live healthier, easier, longer, and happier lives.


Large Screen


For a Healthier You and Healthier Children

Chart & Stethoscope


     Staking one's health and life on whether a corporation determines that your health and life

is profitable enough to deserve their time is a prescription for death.

     There is nothing in religious scripture or in the Constitution that states the American People must make a few individuals richer in order to preserve our health or save our lives.

     The American People have the right and the power to employ our government to provide us with the best healthcare available at the lowest cost possible without paying a tax to make corporations and the rich, even richer.

     Essential National Healthcare does not prevent a luxury or premium healthcare industry from operating or prevent anyone from spending as much money as they desire to on luxury healthcare. But, the American Majority is not legally or morally obligated to make anyone else

richer simply to keep ourselves alive.


Aviation Show


The Real Deal 



   Set aside the fact that the Pentagon has failed to account for approximately $20,000,000,000,000.00  -  (that's $20 Trillion Dollars)

of your money from their past budgets for the moment.

National Defense of our homeland is dramatically different from defending

the foreign business interests of Big Oil, Big Banking, and other Wall Street industry activities abroad that have traditionally been defined as our National Strategic Interests.

     Our State Department has historically operated more as a

taxpayer-funded Chamber of Commerce for giant corporations,

spending our money to undermine foreign democracies, 

propping up and paying off dictators to permit U.S. corporations'

rape and pillage of third world countries' precious resources,

instead of advocating for the WORKERS of this country.

In turn, those predatory corporations exported our jobs and their profits

to avoid paying their fair share of taxes to support this country. 

     Since WWII, U.S. National Strategic Interest abroad has primarily been defined

as assuring U.S. oil, war, and banking industry profits by utilizing our military to trade the blood, guts, and lives of American soldiers for those profits.

The result of sustaining that vicious cycle of using the U.S. military to convert human lives into oil, war, and banking industry profits has been the continuous, measure for measure, creation of enemies of the American People, and the United States everywhere around the world.

Every military intrusion into foreign countries to trade human life for corporate profits creates a new group of enemies for the American People, which in turn guarantees the future justification for more military incursions abroad.

The oil, war, and banking industries grow fatter and richer on blood money while the enemies they create blow up U.S. buildings and kill American citizens in mass shootings on American soil.


What IF, instead of having spent trillions of taxpayer dollars on a decades-long redistribution of taxpayer wealth into the pockets of the oil, war, and banking industries, those industries incurred their own costs of doing business, and, our National Strategic Interest was defined as creating additional sources of energy obtainable right here in the U.S.? The answer is, that we would have been energy independent long ago, we would primarily be using non-polluting energy, we would not be under the constant threat of terrorism, the World Trade Center would not have been blown up, thousands of U.S. soldiers would not have been slaughtered, there would not be thousands of disabled Veterans, the U.S. taxpayer would not be spending billions of dollars for disabled soldiers and V.A. benefits for decades to come, and, there would have been great sums of money available to rebuild America's crumbling infrastructure.


Without having spent trillions of dollars to produce oil, war, and banking industry profits, the U.S. Military could already be light years ahead in possessing every weapon and technology it could possibly need or use, and America could be leading the world in advanced infrastructure instead of negligently murdering Americans with crumbling infrastructure.

Instead, giant corporations that determine U.S. National Strategic Interests and direct the redistribution of taxpayer dollars into their own bank accounts remain the greatest threat to U.S. national security and are the most dangerous terrorists attacking America, Americans, and U.S. democracy.



Our Undereducated Youth is a National Security Threat !

  • Without a plan for the future, there is no path to prosperity for Americans.


  • Without an educated workforce, there is no one to walk the path to prosperity in America.


  • Without prosperity, there is no security for America. 


  • Without security, there will be no America.

  • EDUCATION paves the path to prosperity.

  • An educated work force will walk that path to prosperity.

  • An educated work force paves the path to national security.


  • National security depends on an educated America.


  • Prosperity depends on Americans being better educated than our competitors.

#SayNoToDumbingDownAmerica !

Experimenting in Lab

The Corporate Right's War On Education is War On You !

Information, one product of education, is essential to secure prosperity.

Moving in any direction without information is moving blind,

and is more likely to result in misadventure than not.

To achieve the prosperity available today and tomorrow

requires us to be educated on the policies which got us to where we are now 

and on the policies which will get us to where we want to be.

The industries, technologies, and global needs of the future

will determine where and how money flows in the future.

Since prosperity depends on the inflow of money,

Americans must be informed on those issues which determine where and how money flows 

and where it will flow in the future, if we are to secure a prosperous future.


     However, control over education is control over people.

It was illegal to educate pre-Civil War slaves because their lack of information made it easier to control them.

Only by absolute control of slaves could the slave owners acquire wealth from the slaves' efforts.

It was in many countries, and still is in some countries, illegal to educate women

because it's easier to control and dominate women if they remain ignorant and uninformed.

The few who seek to control the many in America, society's takers,

do so by keeping us as uneducated and uninformed of facts as possible.

In addition to giant predatory corporations owning all major media outlets so they can control the flow of factual information, keeping it from Americans and brainwashing us with Fake News instead, the Corporate Deep State, and the 1% they represent, have orchestrated an insidious war on public education.

They do so with campaign slogans falsely suggesting traditional American and Christian values while attacking, criticizing, defunding, dissolving, and undermining public education.

Their ultimate objective is to keep Americans as ignorant and uninformed as possible, to make it easier to financially enslave the American Majority and disproportionately acquire wealth from your efforts.


     Act one, in the effort to destroy public education and enslave the 99%, was to eliminate civil studies from public education.

The less you know about the Constitution, your Civil Rights, and how your government works, particularly the courts, the less you will understand what your government is doing with your money, and to you with your own money, and what they aren't doing for you with your own money.

That is essential for society's parasites and predators to easily steal your money.


     Act two was to proclaim that the public education system, which brought the American Majority out of mass ignorance to one of the best-educated large civil populations at the time and prepared children to become those who first put humankind on the moon, had failed.

Considering that education is key to prosperity, if there is something critically wrong with our public education system, apart from being underfunded, they could, and should, make an effort to improve it.

Instead, they lobby to destroy it and replace it with another way to redistribute your money upwards, with for-profit only education which only those with extra money can afford, which will result in aristocratic classes based on the amount of one's education. 

Instead, so they can more easily control what children learn and think, and, thereby, more easily control them and consign them to a life of hard labor from which the 1% can grow richer, they strive to establish private for-profit schools without national standards, which they replace with standards that 'dumb America down.'

At the same time, they defraud the American taxpayer by reporting false statistics and claim more support money from the taxpayer than they are actually entitled to by law, even though it's bad law to permit it in the first place.


     An obvious step in their redistribution of wealth from the American Majority to the 1% strategy is the Charter School coup against public education. Not only are they able to restrict children in Charter Schools from learning what children in public schools learn, but it is a segue into for-profit schools funded with public money, which skims from the overall public education budget, and, is merely another redistribution of public money upwards scheme that simultaneously destroys public education. They do not want anyone educated unless the 1% can profit from it and make them richer. Ultimately, the parasitic 1% and its Corporate Deep State feeding machine, only want the children of the 1% to be educated, and they're striving to make education unaffordable for all but the 1%.


Meanwhile, while they've effectively undermined the advanced education of the American Majority's children in math, science, and the technologies of the future, they pay your government to grant them special visas to import highly educated workers from countries that are not traditionally considered as advanced as the United States is, like India.

But, these educated workers can't vote, so they aren't the threat to the 1%'s total control of America that a comparably educated American citizen would be.

As a result, many U.S. companies are now claiming that they can't find enough sufficiently educated workers to fill the high skill jobs they have available.

So, they are asking your employees in government to grant them more visas to import highly educated workers from other countries to fill the jobs that Americans could do if they were sufficiently educated.

There is a solution, and that is to declare our underfunded public education system to be the national security threat that it is and designate it as a national emergency with priority.

School LIbrary

The Stakes are High, We Either Catch Up or Be Taken Over



   WE were defrauded of 99% of our individual and national wealth and resources long ago

to grow and empower the monstrous Corporate Deep State and the 1% it represents.

It has devoured the American Middle Class, exhausted America's infrastructure, downgraded our public education system, while depleting our national prosperity in favor of Wall Street's prosperity 

which has become a separate economy from the American Majority's economy, the Main Street economy.
     Every tax dollar spent on education cycles back to business, directly through those providing resources to education or through those working in education.

But the 1% is too self-consumed and short-sighted to recognize that the American Majority

sends all of its money back to the 1% through cost of living or disposable income spending,

and that an educated America produces more income for business and the 1%.

     Meanwhile, other countries, like China, are rapidly educating their citizens and China into prosperity.

China is building state of the art research centers in numerous countries that its new and advanced rail system is connecting to, while the U.S. is struggling against the corporate led campaign to dumb down Americans.

Knowing that an educated citizenry is fundamental to democracy and national prosperity,

your forefathers established our national education system.

Now, your public education system is being dismantled, one attack on national education standards, one newly closed public school, and one book banning at a time by the Corporate Right  

and its radicalized activists, all to dumb you down and keep you financially in debt and enslaved. 

     If YOU don't demand that your own money be spent to educate you, your children, and their children,

to catch up to those countries already far ahead of us in public education now, and who are exporting their educated citizens to take the few high skilled jobs remaining in America, this country, and you, will be devoured by those other countries that are already more educated than we are.

Chemical Plant



It's Do Or Die !

Lake View


There Is No Drain To Flush The Toxic Pollution That Surrounds Us Down.

We Can Only Push Its Lethal Poison From One Part Of The House Into Another.

       Those who pollute the environment with deadly toxins for profit are indifferent to the massive and widespread scale of death they cause.

       They are numbed to the consequences of their actions by self-consumed greed, or, they believe that with their money they can outrun death, and other people's death doesn't matter.

       Therefore, We, who are aware of the threat of death posed by other's toxic pollution, only have the option to address and combat the murderous polluters, and the poison they spew into our lives, ourselves.

       We can not afford the luxury of assuming that human decency or a sense of social responsibility will miraculously kick in and the polluters will suddenly 'clean up their act.'

         Instead, We must assume that if left unchecked by us, they will murder us along with themselves with their relentless toxic polluting.

        We also can not afford the luxury of thinking that we still have time to deal with this problem, because most of the interdependent environmental sub-systems are on the verge of collapse and death, or have already died.

        Most of these sub-systems are like domino chains. When one collapses it causes the next one to collapse, and that one causes the next one to collapse until their entire ecosystem dies.

        Human beings are as interdependent upon our ecosystem to survive as any other organism. When enough of our ecosystem dies, we will die also.

         Individuals, corporations, municipalities, and even states complain that environmental regulation is costly.

         None of them have evidenced enough wisdom to acknowledge that death is much more expensive than environmental regulation and clean up, however.




Environment Pollution




Our Entire Food System Depends On Non-Toxic Water

     It is a basic human right, and a U.S. constitutional right, that no one person should be able to poison the water that another person is dependent upon for life.

     The citizens of this nation should prepare to directly confront and combat those who are poisoning or stealing the water that we all require to survive for their personal profit. Because, if there's a dollar of profit in murdering us by doing so, there will always be some who won't hesitate to murder us for their profit.

     We need to collectively sue individual, corporate, or government criminals for attempted manslaughter or murder when they poison, or jeopardize our access to, water.




All the air we breath is poisoned with 

carcinogenic petrochemicals

and neurotoxins.

Every breath we take is a breath of poison,

murdering the born and unborn alike.

Poisonous air causes thousands of

spontaneous abortions and stillbirths every year, 

and the mental and physical disabilities 

of thousands who are born.
Yet, those who vote to allow industry

to poison our air and disable our children

refuse to take any responsibility for those children.









Our Government, of the People, for the People, and by the People,

the only government authorized by our Constitution, was taken prisoner by

Big Business, Big Money, and the treason of their political agents,

Supreme Court judges and legislators for sale,

society's true parasites, predators, and ‘takers’,

collectively known as,

The Corporate Deep State ~

These corporate fascists continue to conspire to abolish our most fundamental constitutional rights

and to legislate the redistribution of all wealth upwards into the hands of a select few.

WE, the PEOPLE, the American Majority,

recognize that we have have been, and continue to be at war with, and raped and pillaged by 

these militant, murderous, anti social, and anti democracy corporate and moneyed forces.

To defend ourselves from these enemies of the People, the Constitution, and Democracy,

we must confront the weapons of stealth they routinely employ against us,

their disinformation, misinformation, fake news, fictional alternative realities, 

and these,



~ Caveat: The fascist faction of the U.S. Supreme Court -now masquerading as conservatives - 

have long empowered society's predators. It encourages their disinformation, misinformation, fake news, and political lies by ruling that it is protected speech. It canceled fundamental law on fraud and contract because all political speech is the offer and terms of a contract between the People and the politician for political support. ~

Lie 1Government Is Too Big. 

Reality: Government is YOU!

When our Government functions only as it's authorized to by the U.S. Constitution

it is the collective face, voice, and hands of the People of the United States.

Our Government is merely the few people employed by all the People of the United States to do a job.
‘Scare Phrases’ like, ‘Government is too big,’ ‘overreaching,’ or ‘out of control’ are corporate codes for;

‘Our employees are trying to prevent we predators from stealing, defrauding, and harming the public, so we must get rid of them to keep them from doing so,' and, 'If we, the predator class, allow all people to be well educated,

to hear real news, and have real votes they will enact laws and regulations to stop our fraud and theft of their money,'

and, 'We can't let Government, our employees, be informed and organized enough to protect America's Majority.

We can only let it be informed, organized, and big enough to help us steal the People's money

and to control their lives while protecting us from the consequences after we do it.'


The Corporate Deep State wants Government in people’s lives just enough to help it steal our money 

and then to prevent us from seeking real value in return for that money. 

The number of our employees in our government is not the problem.

Who our employees are taking orders from and working for is the real problem in our government.

It's a question of whether our employees' job is to protect the rights

of a few individuals' to cause as much harm and death to others as necessary to obtain money, 

or, whether the American Majority has the right to demand that our employees

defend us from those harms and death by enacting and enforcing protective laws and regulations.

The issue is, do Americans exist to benefit business, or does business exist to benefit Americans?

Historically, U.S. Supreme Court fascist judges and corporate legislators have sided with the Corporate Deep State,

then ruled and legislated as if People exist to benefit business and profit even at the cost of human life.

Which is more conservative, the preservation of human health and life, or business profit? 

The Corporate Deep State has chosen business profit at the cost of human life.

The People's employees, our government, needs to be as big as necessary

to promote and protect the general welfare, prosperity, and lives of the American Majority. 


Lie 2. Government Stands In The Way Of Progress.


Reality: Government Stands In The Way Of Big Businesses' Rape And Pillage Of America & Americans.


This false meme depends on defining progress exclusively as an increase in the wealth of the 1%.

'Progress' is the root of the word 'progressives', those people who the Corporate Right calls anti-conservative, because progressives place the general welfare of all Americans over the increase in wealth of the 1% alone.

Our employees, our Government, created this nation of fifty states, settled and developed the 'Wild West', 

built a national mail system and a national road system, resurrected us from a great depression caused by an unregulated Wall Street, developed the atom bomb and ended WWII, put men in space and people on the moon, initiated the internet, kept foreign powers from invading us (except for predatory Big Business), wiped out polio,

and did endlessly more that made it possible for Corporate America to dominate global business.

If it wasn’t for our Government creating, maintaining, and, or subsidizing our national infrastructure,

there would be no great U.S. economy, no great Wall Street, no great military, and no American Dream.
The Corporate Deep State 
defines progress as sacrificing people's health, welfare, and lives for a little more business profit. Without our employees establishing and enforcing rules to live by, society's barbarians and predators would run wild, wreaking chaos, disorder, constant conflict, and death

setting back progress for all but barbarians and predators.. 

The 'general welfare' of The People, the American Majority, is the true measure of progress in the United States.

 It's not the People's employees standing in the way of progress,

It's the Corporate Deep State preventing our employees from doing their jobs that stands in the way of progress.


Lie 3Government Regulation Is Too Costly.

Reality: The Corporate Right Values The Lives That Government Regulation Saves At Zero.

Government regulation is all that prevents the few from harming the many to make more money.

Big Business opposes regulation that reduces the amount of money it can take from people

regardless of the harm it does to those people or society in doing so.

Buzzwords like 'heavy-handed regulation' and 'overreach' are Corporate code for laws that make it more difficult for 

Big Business to harm and  kill people to make money. So Big Business pays some legislators to oppose life saving regulation and to enact restrictions and limitations on people's ability to hold Big Business accountable

for the harm and deaths it causes with proposals like 'tort reform'.

Conservatively speaking, which is more costly, the loss of irreplaceable human life or less business profit?

Regulation is only too costly if human life if valued at zero.


Lie 4. The Free Market Cures All Economic Problems.

Reality: The Free Market Is A Myth Used To Kill For Profit. 


Marco Polo engaged in 'free market' capitalism when he traveled to China to trade a thousand years ago,

and capitalists traded from China to Africa a thousand years before that.

Yet, U.S. corporations want you to believe that they are the beginning and the end of free-market enterprise.

However, there has never been a free market in the United States. Ever since Jefferson and Franklin went overseas

to promote exclusive trade deals with our new Nation, while taxes and tariffs were placed on targeted products

in the U.S. and laws were passed to support select industries while stifling others,

the U.S. market has been manipulated and managed for the benefit of select special interests.

Today, taxes on select products, tariffs, trade deals, trade restrictions, trade sanctions,

industry subsidies, corporate tax deductions, crop insurance, immortal corporatations, and much, much more

are all government controls of the market benefitting Big Business, making it everything but, free.
Buzzwords and phrases like market equilibrium, the invisible hand, the free market, and self-regulation

are code for, ‘Never mind the harmful effects of Big Business practices. Consumer demand will eventually

sort the market out, and the harms to, and loss of human life is a necessary cost of doing business.’

Translated, that means, ‘Just stay out of our way and let us make as much money as possible and

if we harm or kill people in the process, that’s just the cost of having a strong economy.'

The market is a business function with many sharp edges that when regulated can serve people well.

Unregulated, or gamed for the benefit of a few, the market harms and kills the many it's supposed to benefit. 


Lie 5Holding Big Business Accountable For Its Actions Is Anti-Business.

Reality: Not Holding Big Business Accountable For Its Actions Is Anti-Consumer And Anti-American


There are many forms of capitalism, some socially beneficial, some socially neutral, and some socially destructive. 
One may oppose a single harmful business or business practice without being opposed to all business.

 One may oppose business which takes greater value from society without giving commensurate value in return,

or that greatly harms people and society without being anti- all -business.

A business might have to work a little harder or smarter to be profitable without harming or murdering people,
but any business that can't be profitable without harming or killing people shouldn't be in business. 
For every potential business that doesn't open, or every business that closes 
because it doesn't want to operate 

in a socially responsible manner, there are many people who would gladly step up to operate that business

in a socially responsible manner, because some profit to them is far more desirable than no profit at all.

People have successfully engaged in business for thousands of years without modern legislation 

insulating business from accountability for the harms it does to People and society.

Business without regulation and accountability is a man-eating beast that will kill, kill, and kill 

because its appetite for profit is insatiable and it doesn't care who it kills to satisfy that appetite.



Lie 6Unfettered And Unrestrained Capitalism Will Cure Everything.

Reality: Unregulated Capitalism Destroys All

Greed is one of the Bible's Seven Deadly Sins.

It's characteristic of the self-centered primitive brain and is inherently anti-social because it takes without giving.

Because greed is an appetite that grows stronger the more that it is fed, it is an addiction.

When addictive greed is not regulated it destroys anything around it in pursuit of ever more money and power, 

including the very society that its own existence depends upon. 

Yet, the Corporate Deep State declares that greed Is good,

and anti-social greed and exclusive self-interest are characteristic of the form of capitalism it practices.

The Corporate Deep State is like the monkey caught in the monkey jar trap.

When it puts its relaxed hand into the small mouth of the jar to grab whatever bait is in the jar,

it can’t pull its expanded clenched fist surrounding the bait out of the jar without letting loose of the bait inside.

Due to its unrelenting greed and inability to reason won’t permit it to let go of the bait

 and pull its hand out of the heavy jar, it's stuck in the jar on the ground and gets caught by the trapper.

Corporate addiction to greed without regulation compels it to destroy anything in its pursuit of money,

including the society and economy that gave rise to it and supported it, the United States in our instance.
Our nation’s largest business institutions have evidenced that they will grab and hang onto

all the money and power that they can regardless of the potential consequences

because they are blinded and brain numbed by the thought of ever more money and power.

Our concern is that they will drag everything around them down with them, including us,

as they fall from the heavy weight of their own monkey jar trap. 

This was evidenced by the Enron fiasco, the housing bubble and home mortgage crisis, 

and even now by the fossil fuel industry's long term War On Climate.

It is destroying the entire world because it is addicted to blood money profits from oil

and is incapable of caring about the murderous and suicidal effects of its own actions.

Capitalism can only survive long term with careful regulation, monitoring, and accountability,

or it will destroy the society that supports it.



Lie 7. The Private Sector Always Does It Better

Reality: The Private Sector Wouldn't Exist Without Government Subsidizing, Protecting, & Rescuing It.


Government repeatedly bails the private sector out of its own disasters and puts it on life support

to save the entire country from the private sector's incompetency and malfeasance.
The People's Employees never crashed the stock market or caused great depressions, as Wall Street has.

The People's Employees never ran a massive energy scam resulting in regional power outages

and defrauding thousands of people out of their investments, as Enron did.

The People's Employees never mismanaged safety operations of oil extraction so badly

that it polluted the entire Gulf of Mexico, as British Petroleum did.

The People's Employees never ran a high risk mortgage scheme that created and burst so large of a finance bubble that it harmed the entire global economy and threatened a national economic meltdown

requiring U.S. taxpayers to provide hundreds of billions of dollars in bailouts, the way Wall Street did.

The People's Employees never mismanaged insurance risks so badly that its misfeasance and malfeasance

threatened the entire U.S. banking sector with collapse until the U.S. taxpayer loaned it $150 Billion,

like insurance giant AIG did.

Our Government never betrayed a public trust and produced a public service or product so overpriced

that it caused the deaths of thousands of people per year due to their inability to afford those life-saving products,

as the Pharmaceutical Industry routinely does with products like insulin.

Our Government never caused meltdowns of nuclear reactors like Metropolitan Edison did at Three Mile Island,

or ran an oil tanker aground polluting an entire Alaskan bay like Exxon did,

or marketed asbestos products killing thousands of people nationwide, 

or produced autos that spontaneously explode on fire, or made airplanes that fall from the sky,

 like the unregulated or under-regulated Private Sector did, and does. 

Nor have the People's Employees ever aggressively marketed highly addictive opioid drugs

to intentionally addict as many people as possible,

causing nearly a Million deaths and costing society Trillions of dollars like Purdue Pharma and its counterparts did.

So far, The People's Employees' record is far better than the private sector's record on doing it better.



Lie 8When The People Spend Their Own Money On Themselves, It's Socialism.

Reality: By That Definition, All Societies Must Be Socialist.


The Purpose Of Society Is To Ensure The Welfare Of Each Individual In Society

Which Has The Additive Effect Of Increasing The Welfare Of The Entire Society.

Without the possibility of that purpose being fulfilled, there would be no reason to form a society.

But, the Corporate Deep State and its mercenary politicians want you to believe that everything

your Government employees do for you with your own money is a sin named socialism.

According to Corporate Right propaganda, your military, local law enforcement, municipal fire departments, the Center for Disease Control, Social Security, Medicare, Homeland Security, FEMA, public education,

local health departments, the State Department, and a National Basic Health Care program are all socialism, 

because they're all examples of the American People spending our own money to pay our own employees

to work for us, without mandatory tithing to make corporate investors richer while doing so.

Yes, the Corporate Right wants us to believe that unless we make them richer 

by paying them to take care of all our needs, we are evil socialists.

Yes, the Corporate Right wants you to believe that the fundamental functions and purposes

of every democratic society are evil unless all of those functions and purposes are under the total control

of large corporations and their investors, and, unless 99% of the benefits and prosperity of society

goes only to those corporations and investors.

The Corporate Right wants us to accept that we exist as mere beasts of burden, or tools, 

a means to satisfy all of their desires and to make their lives fabulous.

While disingenuously preaching individualism, freedom, self-reliance, and patriotism they legislate us into cages

of ignorance and compliance like chickens in row after row of identical cages, enslaved to lay eggs just for them.

Every government created by every group of people is for the specific purpose of providing themselves

with the best possible services or products that their group resources can produce.

The Corporate Right's spin that when Americans demand that our employees provide us with the best possible services and products to meet our essential needs, with our own tax dollars that it is socialism 

is merely self-serving, parasitic and predatory propaganda. That propaganda is used to gain the exclusive right

to take much more money than necessary from Americans for providing necessary services and products

at lower qualities and higher prices than WE can provide them for ourselves.

No Biblical scripture or Constitutional provision states that WE must make a few others richer merely to remain alive.



Lie 9There's A War Against Religious Freedom.

Reality: The Corporate Right Weaponized Religious Extremism To Attack Our Constitutional Rights

Our constitutional separation of church and state is all that protects religious freedom

and it has been under attack by religious extremists wanting an exclusive national religion, 

and by aspiring rulers who weaponized religious fundamentalism since before our Constitution was ratified.

Now, Big Money and Special Interests support fake Christians and other false prophets

to indoctrinate the naive and vulnerable into believing that the protection of everyones' constitutional rights 

is an attack upon their religious freedom, to further dismantle the constitutional rights of all.

Their ulterior motive, yet again, is to convince those easily deceived people

into voting for the corporate deep state's ability to financially exploit us and to steal our money.

To do so, they radicalize the most impressionable with extremist ideologies

and desires to force their indoctrinated views and lifestyles upon everyone else, in a U.S. version of Sharia law.

While our Constitution presumably protects religious self-expression equally for all,

every person's individual will is equally restricted by the equal rights of others.

When a person enters a secular institution that owes its existence to the benefits that the entire public pays for

and therefore has rights in that secular institution under the social contract of the United States, 

such as any busniess open to the general public, that person's constitutional right to religious self-expression

is justly restricted by the equal constitutional rights of others, including the general public.

Thus, the fundamental constitutional rights of the general public in a secular context

are not conditional upon the discretionary religious expression of one individual outside of a religious context.

Government agency and business agency are both supported by the general public and it's taxes.

Therefore, no individual should voluntarily enter government or business agency and expect to, or be permitted to,

violate the fundamental constitutional rights of another with discretionary religious self-expression.

Further, one person's discretionary religious expression and belief should not be permitted to violate another person's religious expression or belief, despite that the U.S. Supreme Court, anti-democracy judges have stated that religious extremists can deprive some people of the benefits of the public sphere that they have alraady paid for.

Indeed, there is a war on religious freedom led by Corporate Right sponsored politicians, false prophets, and Supreme Court anti-Bill of Rights judges to impose extremist views of a radicalized religious minority onto the American Majority.



Lie 10People Want Free Stuff.

Reality: Every Service Or Product Delivered By Our Government Employees To We, The People,

Has Been Prepaid For By We, The People's Taxes.

Every service, product, and dollar produced in the United States is produced by The People of the United States.

‘Free Stuff’ only exists in the propaganda vocabulary of Corporate Deep State predators and parasites

But, the Corporate Deep State doesn't call the corporate welfare that We, the People,

have been subsidizing large corporations with for decades, the 'free stuff' that it is.

When our Government Employees provide Us with a service or product it has been prepaid for, even if our budget reflects a deficit because most of our money has been redistributed upwards in the form of welfare

for corporations and the very rich, while the rest of us pay most of the taxes providing them with a free ride.

‘Free stuff’ and 'takers' is corporate right code for, ‘I object to the American People taking care of themselves

because I can make big money by providing those services or products to the People at inflated prices.’

Yes, there are some who expect 'free stuff', and it's the same 1% that has been freely taking the public's money

while giving nothing but empty promises and rhetorical propaganda in return for over two centuries.

The U.S. taxpayer has been subsidizing corporations even before we began paying the State Department

to be the Corporate Chamber of Commerce that it is, and paying our Military to operate as the corporate 'enforcer' of other countries to do business the way U.S. corporations wanted it done, and, subsidizing for their endless

self-enriching 'research and development while they offshored our industries, jobs, prosperity, and their profits.

By modest estimations, corporations and the 1% are trillions of dollars in debt

to the American Majority for our investment in their businesses.



Lie 11The Deep State Is Against Donald Trump.

Reality: Trump Is Part Of The Deep State, But He Wants To Control It

With its mercenary soldiers in all branches and agencies of our Government, the Corporate Deep State works 24/7

to increase its stranglehold over this entire nation, to continuously erode individual constitutional rights, and to scam every penny from the People of the United States possible, every second of every day.

Trump is a bit player in the Corporate Deep State, but he's desperate to become a bigger player.

His problem is that his primary asset is that of being a con artist. While that works on the naive and ignorant masses, it doesn't work on most corporations and those much wealthier than he is. His whining about it is due to him being a pathological whiner, and to distract attention from the fact that he is a classic part of the Corporate Deep State.

Whining to get his way from childhood, whining and complaining that the rest of the world doesn't have the same admiration and respect for him that he has for himself has become one of his principal character traits.

There are multiple economic forces competing with one another for dominance within the Deep State, just as there are multiple interest groups competing for dominance within each political party.

Some of those forces have grown accustomed to profit more than others from their collective domination of us and our Government. Trump, however, rearranged the order of those who profit the most in the Deep State to favor those who he profits from the most, and will profit most from in the future should he be reelected to office.

Trump campaigned on curbing the abuses and excesses of predatory corporations. For a while, the leading corporations felt threatened by Trump and did secretly oppose him.

However, he since made 'a deal' with the Corporate Deep State and turned control of our government and nation over to the largest corporate predators. In return, the Corporate Deep State's Republican Establishment and mercenary legislators have sworn to shield Trump from accountability and prosecution for his crimes against the United States and the American People, while legitimizing Trump's selling of official U.S. policy, intelligence and natinal secrets to foreign countries for personal financial gain. Meanwhile, the Deep State's political soldiers in Trump's administration worked fast and furiously to dismantle all protections of the American People

and to remove all barriers to corporate theft and death causing actions.

Yet, while Trump believes that the actual Corporate Deep State is still a secret, he finds it irresistibly convenient to continuously whine about an unidentified Deep State out to get him, in attempt to discredit legitimate accusations and complaints about his abuses of the presidential office and treason.



Lie 12.  Man-Made Climate Change And Global Warming Is A Hoax.

Reality: The Fossil Fuel Industry And Its Political Whores Murdered Millions

Only those who financially profit from perpetuating the causes of rapid global warming and climate change 

deny the scientific fact that burning fossil fuel has caused rapid increases in global temperatures

and the frequency of extreme climate disasters, killing millions of people and costing society trillions of dollars.
The fossil fuel industry pays millions of dollars to scientific flunkies and political whores without enough talent

to earn honest livings, to deny that burning fossil fuel causes rapid global warming and climate change.
The fossil fuel industry has bribed Congress and other U.S. officials for nearly a century 

to suppress the development of clean and renewable energy as an alternative to fossil fuel.

Together, they are directly responsible for the millions of deaths and trillions of dollars of property damage

resulting from rapid climate change worldwide.
If the fossil fuel industry had not suppressed alternative energy development

and not forced the U.S. into fossil fuel dependency, the U.S. would have already been energy independent

with clean and renewable energy decades ago.
The fossil fuel industry is responsible for more death and destruction than any other industry in the world.

The effects of pollution and global warming have caused spontaneous abortions, birth defects, premature deaths, and grave illnesses of hundreds of millions of people around the world.
The unprecedented frequency and extremity of catastrophic global warming related climate events 

during the past twenty years, particularly, are directly caused by the fossil fuel industry and their political employees.
The fossil fuel industry has imperiled the safety and security of the United States and every American citizen, wherever we are or go around the world.

By making access to oil for fossil fuel industry profits the cornerstone of U.S. foreign and national security policy,

past administrations are directly responsible for at least 90% of the foreign threat to U.S. national security,

and thousands of U.S. military deaths form defending our ill-determined 'strategic national interests.'
The majority of the U.S. military budget over the past several decades has been to secure profits for Big Oil.
All of the deaths of U.S. soldiers in the Middle East has been to secure profits for Big Oil, the War Supplies Industry, and the banking and finance industries which are all co-dependent upon the fight for Big Oil profits.

Every cent of that collective profit is BLOOD MONEY!



Lie 13.  Drilling And Mining For Fossil Fuel Will Make The United States Energy Independent.

Reality: Big Fossil Fuel Is The Purdue Pharma Of The Energy Sector, Promoting Dependency That Kills

No matter how much drilling and mining for fossil fuels in the U.S. occurs, the supply remains limited.

When that limited supply is all extracted and burned, if the Earth has not yet burned up, the U.S. will be completely dependent upon foreign sources of energy and way behind the rest of the world in developing new energy sources.
The fossil fuel remaining underground in the U.S. is a national treasure, and, is only enough to serve as an energy emergency savings account which should be saved for extreme situations such as a sustained large-scale war in which the U.S. has greater than normal energy needs.

Without such an energy savings account, the U.S. could be left stranded without sufficient energy, making the U.S. vulnerable in wartime.
That energy still under public property, is public property. Such a scarce supply should not be exported to foreign countries for the profit of a few, when the declared purpose of extracting it now is for energy independence and the national security its meant to afford. 

Exporting limited U.S. energy now is exporting U.S. national security.
As oil has been used for making numerous products ranging from plastics to solvents, the limited amount which remains underground in the U.S. should be preserved to use for such products which are needed now, and may be needed more during the future and in times of crisis.

There is nothing conservative about squandering our non-renewable energy savings account now, when alternative renewable energies are available now.

Doing so is hazardous, gluttonous, careless, and creates a national security threat.



Lie 14. Republicans Are Conservative.

Reality: The Republican Establishment Strives To Conserve Money And Power Only, Nothing Else Is Sacred

To understand today's Republican Party,

it's necessary to distinguish today's Republican Establishment from ordinary people voting Republican.

Society's predators and parasites have changed political names and disguises several times throughout history.

Today, they're disguised as the Republican Establishment and represent the Corporate Deep State

consisting of powerful corporations, those who own them, those who lobby and work for them,

and those who legislate and ajudicate for them.
Together, they operate behind the scenes as a covert government

while falsely identifying with ideas like conservatism, individualism, and nationalism.

Their single unified purpose is to take as much money and power from the American Majority as possible.

The original non-politicized meaning of conservative connotes carefulness, caution, and prudence,

and is notably summed up in the conservative quotes of Benjamin Franklin;

“A stitch in time saves nine,” “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,”

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail,” and “Lost Time is never found again.”

The Corporate Deep State, however, is committed only to conserving its financial gain at any other cost.

But, there is no average Republican Voter, and people vote Republican for many different reasons.

Some simply vote in the tradition that their families and friends long have.

Some believe it is the party of the financial elite, and their vote makes them a member of that elite.

Some believe that it will result in them having to pay less than their fair share of taxes to support this country,

while others believe that not paying their fair share of taxes makes them a social parasite.

Some believe it is a pro business vote, but others believe it is an anti-consumer vote.

Some believe it's a pro life vote, but others believe it's a vote to take life from one person to give to another

and violates the most fundamental rights of personhood, liberty, self determination, and ovwnership of self.

Some believe it's a vote for freedom of religion,

but others believe it is a vote to force one group's religious views on all others.

Some vote Republican because they don't like change and would rather fight than switch,

while others believe those voters suffer oppositional personality disorders fighting the reality of inevitable change,

but will always find something to fight about just to feed their addiction to conflict induced adrenaline.

Some believe it's a vote for stronger national defense,

but others believe that the military conspires with the Corporate Deep State

to create enemies and conflict abroad for profit at the cost of many American lives.

Some vote Republican for a single cause or a combination of them, while being opposed to other Republican causes.

Yet, the only thing indisputably conserved by any of these votes is the wealth of the already wealthy
by freeing them from paying their share of taxes in proportion to what they take from this country.

Only the grossly uninformed and those who choose to dispute that the Corporate Deep State 

has such complete control of the Republican Establishment that the Republican Party has become

its operational arm acting exclusively in its interest and against the inerests of the American Majority.

Consequently, the Republican Party and its voters have become the exact opposite of conservative.

A key trait of the Republican Establishment is ‘opposition to change.’

It's to be expected that the self-interest and greed of those possessing power, influence, or wealth 

oppose change in conditions and cirucmstances which they personally profit from,

no matter how many lives are sacrificed for that profit.
Denying change in our world where conditions evolve as rapidly as they do,

while opposing life saving action to adapt to those changes

causes death, suffering, and great financial loss to many others and is mortal sin.

The Republican Establishment’s philosophy that anything which increases the profits of its actions,

regardless of the harm done to others by those actions is conservative, is delusional at best,

and is merely a rationalization and justification for its predatory business practices.
Republican opposition to all environmental protection which protects human health and saves lives, but,

which reduces the profit they can derive from their business efforts, resulting in harm or death to many others

is reckless, careless, imprudent, and anti-social.

Their position may be said to conserve the maximum profit from their individual efforts,

but, it doesn’t conserve the health and welfare of the majority, nor of their own health and lives in many instances.

While the top tier of profit takers from our national economy strive to insulate themselves

from the environmental harms they create to the safety of gated communities or tower penthouses,

or even to distant private islands, they can not run away from poisoned air and water, toxic seafood,

or the rapidly increasing catastrophic weather events which now destroy entire cities and regions of the world.

While their actions may conserve maximum profit from their efforts, they do not conserve life and property.

Considering how many spontaneous abortions, stillbirths, brain damage, and lethal birth defects

are caused by the toxic pollutants of corporate deep state activities, its pro life propaganda is farcical.

Instead, they are completely indifferent to the deaths they cause, unless it costs them more than they profit.
The Republican Establishment's opposition to the People collectively assuming responsibility

for the welfare of children legislatively mandated into birth against the mother’s will

is further evidence of their disingenuousness regarding the life of a child.

Their use of this issue to garner votes from those who aspire to control the lives of others

and to force their personal reliegious views upon everyone else is classic militant and radicalized

religious fundamentalism, but it is does not conserve individual liberty.

While some Republicans may truly be conservative, the Republican Party's policies are the opposite of conservative.

Lie 15. The Supreme Court Will Uphold The Constitutional Guarantees Of Individual Rights Without Fail.

Reality: Supreme Court Fascists Have, And Continue To Attack Individual Rights

The Supreme Court has been stacked with judges believing in the philosophy of aristocracy and the superiority of money, and that some People are inherently better and more deserving than others based on their wealth, alone, and that these People are the Elite who should be governing the lesser and less deserving, ever since some attempted to convince George Washington to declare himself King of the United States.

The Supreme Court majority has traditionally, and consistently, favored Big Business and Big Money over others in its rulings, and has continually skewed its interpretation of the law in their favor. These have been, and remain, acts of aggression against the American Majority and constitute a War Against the People of the United States, our Constitution, and the individual rights it enshrines. 

This has resulted in the American Majority no longer believing in the impartiality, objectivity, and integrity of the overall Supreme Court, and, according to classic political science thought,

has delegitimized the authority of that Court. 

Lie 16. Corporations Are People.

Reality: Only God Can Create People, Not Supreme Court Fake Christians

The Preamble; the paragraph granting and defining original authority to the Constitution, declares that “We, the People,”..., create and authorize the Constitution, without the contemplation of, the inclusion of, or a single reference to a corporation.

The founding fathers and the independent state authorities, thereafter, considered corporations to be potentially dangerous business tools requiring rigorous control and supervision and only granted any corporation a short-term charter for very limited purposes. 
The Supreme Court showed its activist and revolutionary hand when it declared that the Preamble was not a governing, instructive, or enforceable part of the Constitution, to effectively neuter the underlying power of, “We, the People.”

Distancing the authority and power of the "People" from the Constitution aided their perverse maneuver to elevate corporations to Demi-God citizens, with immortality and relative sovereign immunity.

Sovereign immunity, however, refers back to the 'divine' right to rule because of the rulers' association with God, and their divine infallibility, but most of all, has effectively resulted in corporate immortality, irrespective of the crimes corporations commit.

By granting corporations divine status citizenship, and, since "People" are not automatically granted the status of corporations, the Supreme Court has transferred ultimate authority and power of the People to corporations, and elevated them to rule over us.
The Supreme Court also acted to neuter the power of the phrase, “promote the general welfare,” out of the Constitution in order to minimize the authority of the People to act collectively through their Government to serve their own needs, to aid Big Business which wanted exclusive control over providing all of the People’s needs with the high taxation of their business profits.
Without the Preamble as the original directive and empowering section of the Constitution, identifying the source authorizing the Constitution, where the Constitution was created and where it is to function, the purpose of the Constitution and for whose benefit the Constitution was “ordain(ed) and establish(ed),” the rest of the Constitution is meaningless because it would apply to no one in particular, to nowhere in particular, and identify no legitimate authority to establish or enforce the Constitution.

Thus, Citizens United is an open act of aggression against, We, the People, that perpetuates a fraud against us, the Constitution, and democracy started in 1819 and continued through Santa Clara v. Southern Pacific in 1886.

Corporate activist Supreme Court majorities have been layering one fraud upon another since then, culminating in the most egregious assault upon, and an insidious coup against, We, the People, and human beings in general in the history of the world.

The Constitution, however, still mandates that ultimate authority and power still comes from, and resides with, We, the People.

Even if it didn't, We have the natural right to assert our God-given power, will, and self-determination.



Lie 17. Money equals speech.

Reality: This Is A Naked Supreme Court Fascists' Ploy To Give The Wealthy More Speech Than Others

Money equals speech is another attack upon the American People, our constitutional protections, and the power of our vote by the Supreme Court, to aid Big Business and Big Money in subduing the American Majority into a class of tightly controlled and powerless workers, the equivalent of chained slave labor.
The Supreme Court granted monopoly power over speech to Big Business and Big Money when it equated money with speech, because millions and billions of dollars worth of speech necessarily drown out speakers with little or no money to spend.
In doing so, the Supreme Court continued its tradition of perverting the interpretation and application of constitutional law in order to create wide divides between the People of the United States and the would-be aristocrats who aspire to financially enslave us, this time creating a vast chasm between those with multi-million or billion dollar voices and those with no voice at all.

Yet, our Constitution’s focus on equality and equal rights is inextricably involved with one voice and one vote per person. If money equals speech, and money in politics equals votes, then a few inherently have billions of votes while others have no votes at all, and campaigns and elections serve no legitimate purpose. To avoid dishonesty, fraud, and needless action, the election boards, or electors, merely need to evidence who has the most money and grant the office to that person. To do otherwise is an elaborate fraud and rouse designed to deceive the public into believing we have a say in who’s running, what is supposed to be, OUR COUNTRY.







Lie 18.  The 'Wealthy' Pay A Fair Share Of Taxes.

Reality: The 'Wealthy' are getting a free ride.

A functional premise of a capitalist economy is that each pays for what it receives in a financial exchange.

An underlying premise of a broader social contract which every capitalist economy resides upon

is that each pays in proportion to what they take from society.

This, in turn, is the justifiable rationale for the current U.S. progressive tax system.

But, U.S. human capital and national wealth have historically been spent to make the wealthy even wealthier

and to protect their wealth once they've acquired it,

all at the progressive loss of life and income of the American Majority.

The lives and the blood of the American Majority sacrificed on foreign soil,

to impose financial exploitation upon foreign peoples

required to increase the wealth of investors in the corporations employing a blood money business model,

is possibly the most onerous, and insidious example, but not the only example

of how the American Majority

is being taxed to subsidize the further wealth accumulation of the most wealthy.

The bulk of the benefit of all business law and protective financial regulation,

paid for by all citizens, is for the benefit of the wealthiest.

From the simplest examples of how the FDIC uses taxpayer money to insure banking deposits,

and municipal law enforcement's efforts to prevent or investigate property theft,

to federal enforcement of law protecting international business activities, 

the more money and property one has

the more of everyone's resources are devoted to protecting that money and property.

While everyone's tax dollars are spent to create and maintain America's infrastructure,

which all business activity and the entire economy utilize and depend upon,

including intellectual infrastructures such as the government and the economy, 

the wealthiest continue to use that infrastructure the most,

and to pull the most out of the economy in the form of income.

Yet, despite this fact, the wealthiest continue to complain that they pay too much tax, 

and assert that a flat tax would be fairer.

Translated, that means that even though the 1% may use 70% of the nation's resources,

and, place 70% of the demands upon the nation's infrastructure, 

and, take 70% of the nation's income,

they should only pay the same 25% tax as the person earning less than enough to live on;

as the person earning $10,000.00 per year,

all as an example, as the actual figures, vary with the biases of those publishing them.

What corporations take from society must be viewed as the double dipping into national resources,

by those wealthy enough to invest disposable income or assets in those corporations.

When considered from the perspective of these financial facts,

and the fact that the children of the American Majority are routinely sacrifecd in combat for corporate profit,

while the children of the wealthy routinely get military deferments for bone spurs and religious diversions,

and the countless tax loopholes, shelters, and escape hatches that Congress has legislated for the wealthy,

to effectively exempt them from paying their fair share of tax,

the American Majority indeed has and does, pay proportionately far more in income tax

then all of those with greater incomes and wealth than the American Majority.

These parasitic strategies for living off of the efforts of others without just compensation,

gave rise to the revenue generation scheme of consumption tax.

Consumption tax is essentially a scheme for the wealthy to avoid paying its fair share of taxes,

by shifting a disproportionate share of the overall tax burden to those having the least.

It's given that those earning the least spend most, or all, of their income on the taxable necessities of life,

while the wealthiest spend only a fraction of their income on the taxable necessities of life,

and, therefore, do not pay consumption tax in equal proportion to their income.

Conclusively, the wealthiest are proportionally the greatest takers in the U.S.,

and, if there are any freeloaders in our society, it is the tax avoiding parasite and predator class.

by Lee Havens

The Fight For Justice is a Fight for

Democracy !


     Native to Ohio, I attended school in the Clintonville neighborhood of Columbus but often spent Summers in rural Ohio with extended family. During a holiday in Florida, I took an opportunity to relocate there with friends who had previously resettled there from Ohio. Eventually, I pursued a career of creating and providing high-value jewels to the public on Palm Beach Island. After decades as a successful Palm Beach jeweler, I sustained a multi-million dollar robbery that dominoed into a 'perfect storm' of disasters involving corrupt public officials and classic insurance company reluctance to pay claims, and that ultimately revealed corruption throughout our justice system that undermines democracy and our constitution. 


     During an extensive post-robbery forensic accounting and investigation of my business and myself, I inadvertently became someone who knew too much about the Palm Beach Detective Bureau's 'pay for the law enforcement of your choice' practice. The captain of the Palm Beach Detective Bureau, who I had previously reported to the Chief of Police for 'conduct unbecoming an officer', learned that I and another person were preparing to report them to the Town Council for suppressing the independent investigation of sexual child abuse allegations.


     Meanwhile, my primary Lloyds of London insurer declared that the audit and investigation revealed no problems and prepared to pay its $2 million obligation. The secondary insurer did not want to pay the claim but didn’t have legal standing not to and could not convince the primary insurer to join them in searching for a technicality to justify denying the claim. At that time, many Lloyds of London insurance syndicates turned to the British Government for the second time in ten years for a financial bailout, due to their crippling losses resulting from various global catastrophes. Consequently, I was compelled to engage an attorney to sue the secondary Lloyd's of London insurer for 'bad faith’ and 'breach of contract’.

     In the interim, I reported to the Detective Bureau that someone had contacted me about a ransom payment for my stolen jewels, and about a mystery caller from Brazil that corresponded to a locksmith who I had engaged to service a door lock three days before the robbery. Subsequently, in a 'Who Done It' mystery involving too many people with self-interest for anyone to ever ascertain the complete facts, records evidenced that the secondary insurer, its U.S. law firms, the forensic investigators they hired, a Palm Beach County assistant prosecuting attorney, and the Palm Beach Detective Bureau conspired with an Israeli national and his attorney in Israel to pay the Israeli national $500,000.00 to come to the United States and claim that he and I had planned for him to commit the robbery of my business.


   The Israeli national turned out to be the locksmith whom detectives previously assured me was not connected with the robbery. To justify their reversal, the detectives and the assistant prosecuting attorney had to ignore the glaring fact that the Israeli national was a complete mismatch for the description of the actual robber given by a third party and myself at the time of the robbery. But, records evidence that Lloyds of London and the Captain of the Palm Beach Detective Bureau asked the assistant prosecuting attorney to file charges against me as soon as possible without any physical proof. The insurer wanted me charged with a crime before they had to either pay the claim or respond to a court filing. The Captain of the Detective Bureau wanted me charged with a crime before I filed a formal report with the Palm Beach Town Council about the bureau's involvement in suppressing the independent child abuse investigation. The assistant prosecuting attorney was somehow induced to comply.


     The Israeli accuser was not required to produce any stolen jewels or evidence that he had ever possessed any stolen jewels and he was assured of amnesty if he returned to the U.S. and claimed to have planned the robbery with me. Records also revealed that the assistant prosecuting attorney asked the Lloyds of London representative if he could send the $500,000.00 payment directly to Israel so it wouldn’t show in the U.S. that the accuser was paid for his testimony. Subsequently, she also lied under oath that she had never spoken directly with the accuser’s Israeli attorney, even though records later evidenced that he had visited her in her Palm Beach County office.

     All of that started a three-year legal defense which slowly evidenced the corruption that extended throughout law enforcement and the justice system. The Prosecuting Attorney's Office was compelled to drop its charges against me when the corruption was finally scheduled to be introduced in court. However, three years of litigation and 'delayed justice' destroyed my business and prior way of life. With the case pending, I could not clear my name or restore my credibility and reputation, and I could not prosecute a lawsuit to collect on my insurance claim, or acquire other insurance necessary to cover the high value jewels of that business. 

     After the charges against me were dropped and while waiting for an attorney to file a lawsuit for damages due to the falsity of those prior charges, I went to Ohio to spend time with critically ill family members. There, I once again encountered rampant systemic corruption of public officials. While confronting a seemingly simple case of regulatory non-enforcement resulting in damages to family property, I inadvertently uncovered an organized criminal enterprise run by multiple public officials and protected by local judges. Together, those officials maintained an illegal vehicle towing and impoundment scheme for private profit, masked by an unlawful junkyard that sprang up next to a family home.

     Local officials responded to my initial inquiry about the conditions of the junkyard with harassment, intimidation, and threats of legal prosecution for unsupportable causes. Inevitably, I filed a suit against the municipalities seeking regulatory enforcement and compensation for property damage. I had not anticipated that corruption reigned throughout Ohio's courts where perjury, suborning of perjury, fraud, and frivolous litigation by public officials were encouraged and protected, and where judicial abuse of discretion extended into the federal courts as well, with those judges falsifying case facts to protect the impropriety of lower court judges according to the judicial mafia's 'Code of the Black Robe'. 


   Fighting official corruption in each court on the way up, I learned that the U.S. Supreme Court effectively canceled our guaranteed individual constitutional rights long ago. I learned that our judicial system has been gamed for the convenience of judges who make and remake law 'from the bench' to achieve their personal objectives, and to satisfy those who pay the most for the justice they want. I learned that the cases American citizens take to court are merely the means for the judicial mafia to acheive its objectives and self-enrichment with indifference to the Constitution and justice based on statutory law.

    My cases, like 'Vernon Havens, II v. Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor, et al', Case No. 19-3475, from the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court, with me representing myself in each phase and court along the way, will continue in the form of fraud upon the court claims as I fight to force judges to comply with the law that they seek to immunize themselves to. Judges unilaterally decided that the law doesn't apply to them and legislated divine immunity to the law for themselves 'from the bench'. Granting themselves 'absolute immunity' to accountability for their every wrong doing,  under the pretext of needing to make pressure free decisions, has resulted in judges completely disregarding the law to issue any unlawful decision they want for self-purpose or pay. They claim that while brain surgeons are expected to competently perform brain surgery under the pressure of life and death and with the knowledge that they may be held accountable for causing death, the mental constitutions of judges are too frail to understand and apply the law correctly under the pressure of thinking that they could be held accountable for not doing so. ​The result is a nation of judges with no incentive to know the actual law or to apply it correctly, and where justice in the courts is for sale to the highest bidder.

     What we believed to be our guaranteed individual rights were embodied in our Constitution's Bill Of Rights. But those who wanted to be King or rule over all others when the constitution was created were opposed to constitutional rights for all people, and those same kind of predatory people have been working to undermine and dismantle our constitutional rights since our Constitution was ratified. The U.S. Supreme Court has been gradually doing so ever since that court first organized. It did so first by cancelling the exclusivity of God granted personhood with 'certain unalienable rights' and declaring that the Preamble to the Constitution is not part of the Constitution, all to justify declaring that corporations have personhood with unalienable rights at least equal to those given by God to the People God created. Since corporations are more powerful than individual non corporate persons, the Supreme Court anointed corporations with superior personhood.


     Thumbing their noses at the laws of Congress and granting themselves 'absolute immunity' to accountability for violating the constitutional rights of citizens, the Supreme Court has undermined the Constitution and the rule of law for allAfter the robbery, I intended to get through that disaster and back to life and business as usual, as quickly as possible. But the battle for justice and the call of duty to combat the judicial war on our constitutional rights is louder than the call of business. Every democracy depends upon society's respect for rights of individual personhood and the rule of law that protects them. We have recently seen entire categories of public officials undermining the rule of law and accountability for wrong doing and its damage to society. We have witnessed public officials condoning and glorifying the wrong doing of their group members, transforming public officials into socially destructive mobs of thugs. They do so only because we have permitted them to govern and judge themselves. 

     To have the bright and prosperous future that our founding fathers envisioned for us and that is our right of heritage, we must take the power from those who prosper by denying us prosperity. To have that future, Americans must reclaim our constitutional rights that the courts have stripped from us. We must enforce the rule of law on all equally and hold all public officials accountable for wrongdoing. We can't reclaim our constitutional rights unless we strip judges of self-granted immunity for their crimes and wrongdoing. That is first step to your prosperity and what I am working for first. That is what I ask you to join me in working for because no court or legislature is going to do it for us, on their own. We must demand it, and do it for ourselves!




two US flags


NOW is the time for the all Americans,
the 100%

who have long trusted our elected officials to act in our best interest,
only to experience our health, rights, livelihoods, and well being
legislated and adjudicated away from us,
one law and ruling at a time,

as our wealth is redistributed upwards into the hands of society's takers, 
and often, to outside of this country to avoid paying their fair share of taxes, or where they flee to with our wealth
and give up their citizenship to become permanent tax evaders,

to RISE, and to say

to more legislative and adjudicative fraud and theft
of our health, wealth, livelihood, and constitutional rights. 

NOW is the time for YOU to RISE and TAKE BACK YOUR AMERICA
from the Corporate Deep State
and from their militia of corrupt legislators and judges!




Make America Free Again




  • America can't be great again, until America's 100% is great again. 


  • America's 100% cant be great again, until Americans are Free Again.


  • Americans can't be Free Again, until we're free of the Corporate Deep State. 

When Americans are free from the Corporate Deep State,

and America's 100% is Great Again,


                                                   AMERICA WILL BE GREAT AGAIN !         






It will take America's 100% and tremendous effort to free ourselves from the greed and

self-absorption of the few, and to achieve our political goals.  Volunteers are at the very heart

of our mission. Whether you want to help campaign, plan an event, or can simply make a monetary contribution to our Platform for Prosperity, get in touch and help reclaim your legacy that your forefather's efforts and our Constitution entitle you to. Whether it's $1.00, $5.00, or more, every single cent, just as every phone call, every tweet, and social media post

moves us that much closer to Making America Free Again  



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